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Albens Cider: Refreshingly Smooth Alcoholic Beverage That Will Amaze You

by Natasha Christopher

The word cider simply means an alcoholic drink that is made from fermented apple juice. It’s been around since about 55 B.C when Romans conquered continental Europe and started planted orchards of native crab apples for the production of hard cider.

Most people resort to cider on a relaxing day or just a pleasant drink from a tiring day. No matter what the reason is behind drinking cider, it is thoroughly enjoyed by many.
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Along enters Albens Cider. These three different flavoured drinks which consist of Original Fuji Apple, Apple & Strawberry, and Apple & Mango hits the right sweet spots and wowed us with its elegant yet simple flavours.

The history behind Albens Cider is certainly as fascinating as the cider drinks itself. The main idea behind the creation of Albens Cider is an Indonesian called Dina Handayani, an MBA student who was studying in London. During her studies, she discovered the love of cider amongst the people in the United Kingdom and other European countries. When she returned back home in Indonesia, she set up Albens Cider in Bali where she could easily source for apples. Bali is also known to be a hot tourist spot, and booming nightlife scene, so it only fits to set Albens  Cider right there. Dina also got Alessio Cristofoletto and Ben Wakefield as advisors and investors.

“Born from the love of cider, we follow the classic time-honored traditions of cider making and add our own little twists which result in Albens being the quintessential drink of choice for any occasion.”

– Ben Wakefield (Curator & Founder)

Only the freshest Fuji apples are selected and all additional ingredients are of the highest quality including the imported Champagne yeast that is used in all of the ferments.

All of the cider stated above has a 4.9% of alcohol. Oh, it’s also worth noting that Albens Cider is all Gluten Free!

We’ve got to taste the Albens Cider in Taps Beer Bar and it did not disappoint.

Original Fuji Apple
The cider has a clear golden yellow look to it for the first impression. For the Fuji Apple, you could just smell the sweet apple juice from concentrate. If you’re a big fan of smooth ciders, then this is the one for you.

It starts medium sweet and ends with a beautiful apple juice smoothness to it. It’s an easy drink because you don’t feel so gassy after drinking a cider rather you’ll feel relaxed. Plus, you don’t even need to include ice in.

Apple & Mango
Smooth and sophisticated mango cider that goes really well with the apple notes in the drink. The slightly tan yellow colour cider comes with an obvious mango aroma to it.

The mango cider has a good amount of semi-sweetness to it with a depth of apple flavour that matches perfectly. It’s an ideal beverage for cocktail mixing, ensuring the end product is not too sweet or too dry. Best served cold on a hot day. We even had the Albens Mango Cider mixed with gin for cocktail and it was good.

Apple & Strawberry
If you love a little more sweetness, don’t hesitate to try the mixture of sweet strawberries with the original apple cider that would promise a more refreshed with every sip. The sweetness is derived from natural sugars in the drink.

Approachable and refreshing, it will bring you back to your childhood days where strawberry flavoured candies that we used to munch on. Even the colour of the cider brings sight to sore eyes.

Albens Cider can be found in Taps Beer Bar priced at RM27.  

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For more information on this refreshing alcoholic beverage, visit Albens Cider Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/albenscider/ . 

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