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Fashionistas You Should Be Following On Instagram For Style Inspiration

by Natasha Christopher

It’s no doubt sometimes we are prone to checking our social media from the time we wake up to the time we close our eyes to sleep. However, social media like Instagram has become a platform for many to seek inspiration in terms of fashion sense.

There are fashionista people on Instagram who you really should be following if you’re looking for inspiration for style or from the norms of mix-n-match.

Talitha Tan, IG: talithabe, 81.6k followers
tali 1
Talitha Tan is no stranger to the Malaysian music scene as she’s been performing as a recording artist/songwriter for a while now. With her busy schedule, she still makes time for hardcore exercising. I’m talking about lifting weights and parkour. Yes, she’s that strong. Although she doesn’t see herself as a fashionable person, but, we think otherwise. Here are pictures as proof.

Style: Go within the lines of sexy, sporty and sometimes a tad bit futuristic. Nike brand is her favourite!

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Vroom vroom. 🇮🇩

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Tips on taking Instagrammable pictures:  Just be you but EXTRA. Always remember to have fun with it too. Oh, reach out your legs to the camera and a little to the side and point to make your legs look longer. Plus, best to know how to edit your pictures.

Harmini Asokumar, IG: harminiasokumar, 24.9k followers
A jewellery designer and owns a makeup line, it’s pretty much a #goals job for some of us. If you go through her Instagram, she loves incorporating beautiful cultural outfits as well as boho-chic style. She regards shopping while on vacation, bazaars and bargain buy to be her go-to fashion purchase. So you can look stylish without breaking the bank!

Style: Flowy beach-inspired wear and jewellery (boho-chic)

Tips on taking Instagrammable pictures: Know your angles and get a friend who won’t mind taking a dozen pictures for you just to get the perfect one. I usually angle the frame to what I want it to be and just tell a friend to keep pressing while I pose. You’ll end up with at least one or two that you like.

Kittie Yiyi, IG: kittieyiyi, 55.5k followers
kittie 3
She may be a fashionista but she’s like the legit type. Kittie Yiyi may be a familiar name to you and that’s because she works as a fashion designer for a living. In her design, she normally applies vibrant colours and loud fashion statement to her piece. As she travels a lot for work, she shops when she’s overseas or just the simple usage of online shopping.

Style: Quirky, loud.

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The sexiest people are thinkers. – @viviennewestwood . . #ASICSMalaysia #ASICSTIGERMY #asicsxviviennewestwood

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Tips on taking Instagrammable pictures: Be extra so people will stop and watch you strike a pose. That will certainly up your game for one-of-a-kind pictures!

Andre Amir, IG: andreamir, 78.5k followers
andre 3
Andre embodies the quintessential gentleman style as he works as a brand consultant that deals with mostly corporate clients. Over the years, he has learned to stylise to his personality and current trends where he would also source for his own fabrics. For a casual look, he likes local brands like NerdUnit, Nabil Volkers, and Supercrew. Nothing without his watches and bags too, if I may add. He has his fashion own blog too! 

Style: Sartorial, Smart casual

Tips on taking Instagrammable pictures: Always know your light, angle and aim for bright places but never under direct sunlight, invest in good camera and lens. Also, learn to enhance (by editing) your photos right.

Li Tim Koh, IG: litimk, 37.5k followers
li tim 3

Anything that has a good design, and print, he’ll know how to pair it down with simpler items that speak a little volume to his style. Li is inspired by all things from travelling to architecture as he works as a Business Development for his family’s Interior Architecture consultancy called EDC International.

Style: Streetwear, comfortable

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Ciao amici

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Tips on taking Instagrammable pictures:  Be specific with how and where you want your photo! I take it upon myself to craft it, hold my phone in place and whoever takes it for me is merely a tripod. This makes it really quick, doesn’t annoy anyone, and we can get on with enjoying our lives after!

Kyren Thomas, IG : kylofiren, 4.1k followers
kyren 1
He’s always ready to put on his dancing shoes and spark through his fashion style. As he’s a musician, fashion plays a massive role in what he does. He tries to be as loud as he can on stage whilst entertaining the crowd. Kyren normally gets his look from bundles because that’s where you find a whole bunch of gems of clothing.

Style: Adaptive, funky

Tips on making Instagrammable pictures: Try to make your pictures fabulously your own. Let your personality shine thru them most importantly. A dope personality makes anything you put on, to be on top! Just ask Andre 3000 and CeeLo Green!

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