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Mandarin Pop Duo Fuying & Sam Speaks From Being Coursemates to Performing Together  

by Natasha Christopher

Fuying & Sam are no strangers to the Chinese pop scene as they have been around since 2013. They are also known in a shorter form as FS that comprises of Ong Fu Ying and Sam Chin Neng.  In 2014, this dynamic music duo released their first album Love Temperature. Fuying and Sam are not only prominent in Malaysia but has also stretched their fanbase to Taiwan. They have won a handful of awards for their music such as Best New Artist, Top 10 Hottest Local Tracks, My Astro Best Single Top 25, Best Group Award and most recently, Outstanding Regional Artiste (Malaysia).

Amongst all their success, FS remains to be a down-to-earth, inspirational and talented artist that continues to strive for more music and to do more good in this world. As they will be one of the key faces to be into the Minggu Muzik Malaysia that will be held in Kuala Lumpur from 9th to 15th September 2019. It’s a week-long celebration of original music industry what aspiring artists can do to become a part of the local music scene.

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Before that, Fuying & Sam didn’t start out as friends per se. In fact, they were coursemates. Fuying who is younger to Sam by three years graduated first from a training course and followed by Sam. As Fuying was still young at the time of graduation, 15 years old to be exact, the training course company signed him up right after he graduated from high school and Sam as well but individually.

Eventually, Fuying and Sam made a single together that basically made them who they are now. When ask how would they define themselves when they first met each other, they laughed it off by saying, I guess just coursemates and also competitors too.   

There was an opportunity given by the company they were signed to for them to sing the soundtrack for the famous local movie, Kepong Gangster. Initially, both of them were competing against one another to bag the spot to sing, however, they soon realize that both of their voices really harmonise well together and that was how the duo started.  

Leading up to their music, they draw inspiration from practically anything. From watching movies, or Game of Thrones series, to playing video games, and even just having a conversation with people. They would instantly write it down and expand it to a full song.  

I don’t believe using inspiration in one way, but there’s always a possibility for you to explore as there are no boundaries in music 

As for the local music scene, having performed in Taiwan and China, they would want to see Malaysians reaching out and supporting the local music scene. “We have abundant good brilliant song artist here in Malaysia. With the help from a better platform radio and media, surely the talented artist would be getting the proper recognition it deserves and respect by the listeners,” said FS.  

They proceeded by saying that although it’s not their preference that local music is segregated by the languages but FS believes it’s something that’s so unique that you are able to choose the type of music you want to listen to.

Towards the end of the day, it’s the quality of the music. If it brings you joy and  meaning to your life, then that is what music is.

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