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TGV Cinemas and Central i-City Up Its Game For Family Entertainment

by Natasha Christopher

TGV sets foot in Shah Alam and is now part of Central i-City’s holistic entertainment ecosystem. The cinema is proud to introduce the first of its kind premiere cinema in Malaysia. TGV’s 35th location will set a new hallmark of cinema-going experience for the years to come.

“This marks a new beginning for TGV in redefining what a cinema should be! Our vision is to create an inspired entertainment destination, a comfortable and upscale environment for our patrons to experience the true magic of movies and also a social gathering spot for the guests to interact, eat, drink, and relax before and after their show” remarked Yeoh Oon Lai, CEO of TGV Cinemas.

The wonders of TGV Central i-City include;

Deluxe is the new Standard 
TGV offers a vastly-improved baseline for the entertainment industry to aspire to be. There is comfortable new seating paired with crystal-clear digital projection and immaculately-tuned surround sound. At TGV Central i-City, Deluxe seats are the new norm.

Retail meets cinema. 

TGV Central i-City offers patrons an immersive escape with the immersive movie experience paired with retail therapy. The current anchor tenants include Royal Selangor and Chatime. The cinema will be offering more options alongside partners and renowned retail brands in Malaysia.

The 7th MAYBANK IMAX in Malaysia 

People of Shah Alam can now enjoy the world’s most immersive cinematic experience without leaving the comfort of their neighbourhood. It starts with a stunning floor-to-ceiling screen that offers 26% more visual real estate than any other big-screen format in the world, enhanced by ultra-high definition content that is gorgeous in colour, vividness, and visual impact.

Laser-aligned speaker placements in stunning surround sound bring movies to life better than ever, with the unique stadium-layout offering patrons a consistently excellent viewing experience across the entire hall.

The world’s largest Samsung ONYX 
Patrons will also have access to the unparalleled clarity of the largest Samsung ONYX cinema LED screen in the world. The 45.93 feet wide and 16.4 feet high Onyx Cinema LED screen is the world’s first Digital Camera Initiatives *DCI)- compliant High Dynamic Range (HDR) LED theatre display, which can achieve peak brightness levels of 146fL (foot-lambert), enlivens content by showcasing greater detail and colour vibrancy in cutting-edge 4K.

Family-friendly sessions every day of the week 

Image via hype.my

Image via hype.my

The new Family-friendly hall comes with an adjoining playroom and plenty of seating options, this will serve as TGV’s anchor in developing children-friendly entertainment format.

Image via hitechcentury.com

Image via hitechcentury.com

On top of that, TGV will relaunch the all-new TGV MovieClub with brand new features, rewards and offers. The sign-up is free with a lifetime membership and extended rewards validity for up to 2 years. Other benefits to name a few include earning MovieMovie on all transactions and access to Advance Sales on selected titles.




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