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Main Reason Why This Famous Eatery Is Charging For Extra Cups and Plates

by Natasha Christopher

Image via Free Malaysia Today 

Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar restaurant in SS2  is known for its good hearty, Malaysian food and a place to lepak with your friends and family. Recently, news has been swirling around social media or perhaps your Whatsapp too that a picture of receipt was taken by netizens that infuriate many people. It shows a receipt of charging the customers to those who ordered extra plates and cups.
Here are some of the comments;
20 cent

20 cents 220 cents 1

Now, before you boil up and start boycotting this place, they may have an explanation for this and it may just be temporary. To uncover the sudden extra charge to the customers, one of our team decided to head down and solve it once and for all.

Apparently, the main reason why they are implementing this may not be all bad either. It was announced by Syabas since last week for the residents in Klang Valley to brace themselves for water shortage that will be happening from 24th April to 27th April. Due to this issue, this restaurant has charged its customers extra for the disposable plate and cups until the water has revived. It also has come to the point where to conserve water and save efficient time by not washing so many types of equipment would be the best solution to avoid more hassle.

According to Free Malaysia Today, that reported when contacted, the restaurant’s manager, Mohamad Sajahan, confirmed that it had imposed the 20 sen charge, explaining this was due to the sudden water cut it experienced last night, ahead of water disruption in many parts of Selangor.

Free Malaysia Today .

What do you think about this implementation? Do you think it’s right for them to charge extra plates and cups now during the water issue crisis?   #Your2Cents


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