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How to Ensure You Party Safe and Have Fun!

by Natasha Christopher

Image via The Men’s Journal 

Attending college is what you would call the experimental phase in every growing child. You’ll learn to juggle between rushing for assignment, pull an all-nighter to study, staying with roommates for the first time and just having instant noodles every day because let’s face it, food is expensive AF when you’re a student. Of course, when you study hard, you’ll bound to party harder too to release the tension from a long week.

This is the time where college students go to the latest clubs/ bars and experiment with alcohol and perhaps smoked into a zone out mode? If you know what I mean 😉 Whatever it may be, all this wild side from college certainly do teaches us the ups and downs to being a student and as a human being.

I can vividly remember my college days like it was yesterday. Every weekend without fail, it would either be partying it up with college mates, dancing my heart out to Beyonce’s Crazy In Love or vibing to Drake in the club or my regular Thursday Ladies Night with my girls. It was one of the moments that taught me a huge lesson on partying. You don’t have much energy to party anymore once you start a full-time job. As time goes by, you begin to enjoy more of the company with your friends and chill drinks rather than the blaring loud music of clubs (depending on the music too!).

I’ve had my fair share of making sure I party safe and to have a bloody good time while I’m at it. So here are some rules things you can do to let your hair down and go home feeling less of a headache.



If you look at the local news nowadays, they’ve been a number of drunk driving cases that resulted in serious injuries and even loss of life. No one and I repeat, NO ONE should be operating a moving vehicle while under the influence of alcohol

.Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is an offence under the Road Transport Act 1987, and in the event of death or injury to others, the driver can be charged under Section 44 (1), which carries between three and 10 years’ jail term and a fine of between RM8,000 and RM20,000.

To avoid the unspeakable from happening, there’s an option for you to take the E-hailing transportation services like Grab to ensure you have a great night and also be back home safe. Or you can simply assign a sober friend to drive you back home. Either way, my point is NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.  

No fighting


Nothing ruins the mood more when you or any of your friends start fighting after a night of drinking. Then it’ll just end up just with you trying to relief the fight or watch it go to shits. Humans, I appeal to you, if you have a problem with someone, it’s always best to settle it between yourself and to not put on a show where it may potentially hurt the onlooker and disrupt the bar owner’s businesses. Always follow in the words of Bhad Barbie when you feel like fighting, cash me outside, howbow dah. I kid, I kid. Seriously, violence is not cool. Just have fun and move along.

Understand consent


NO MEANS NO! I think many people fail to understand what consent is all about. Let’s give a situation of when a friend is offering you a piece of gum and you instantly say no. What normal people would do is to back down and not offer you again after you made it clear that you don’t want a gum anymore. Same goes to consent.

Someone been flirting/caressing with you in the club, but you are not interested in their intentions, so you said no to any further advances. That’s when both people should back away. If any of you are scared someone is dumb enough to not understand the word no, always come along with trustworthy friends around you to help you ‘escape’.

Be civil with the DJ’s


Yes, DJ’s are there to set the mood, hype the crowd out with their songs, and to make sure all of you are having the best time of your life. It sucks when a customer(s) decides to walk on up to the DJ booth and think they’re holier than thou when it comes to music. If you’ve done this before, you’re just sucking up the soul of the industry and the hardworking people that have spend hours to craft the best music for your entertainment. You wouldn’t like if someone tells you how to your job, right? Trust the DJ’s.

One civil way of going through with this is, write on a piece of paper the songs you are requesting and pass it to the DJ. Also, doesn’t hurt to be respectful of the great job the DJ has been doing. After all, it takes two hands to clap when it comes to having fun.

You don’t need alcohol to have fun



Breaking News: You can still have fun without the use of alcohol. Sure, it may help you loosen up a bit but if you have fantastic songs to dance to, it’s essentially about you having a great time with your friends. So, if you don’t need alcohol, but you have persisting friends, just refer to number 3. NO MEANS NO!

Know Your Limits

Which brings to this point. You never want to be that person who is unaware of your surrounding and being called drunk for the rest of your life. Limit yourself when you know you can’t handle drinking anymore. Enjoy other aspects of the party: meeting new people, catching up with friends, eating, dancing. Always be comfortable because you know what’s best for you.  


Alternatively, remember to HAVE FUN! Make sure you’re safe and the world is your oyster. Cheers to the weekend!

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