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Samsung S10, Precision At Its Best With Intelligent Performance

by Natasha Christopher

The highly anticipated Samsung S10 did not disappoint with its features and comes out with better skills set too.

Design 5/5

Beautiful is the first thing that crosses my mind upon looking at this stunner. By utilizing precise laser cutting, the camera has been discreetly tucked away within the display without sacrificing photo quality. The prism white colour catches the light in a way that’s new and futuristic.

Go for a glossy finish with vibrant, prismatic colours, encased by a polished metal frame for a style that pops. Or check out the durable, sophisticated ceramic finish on Galaxy S10+. The display is constructed with sturdy Gorilla Glass 6 to handle the rigours of everyday life. Certainly, the next generation of phone that’s designed to not just stand out but to stand apart.

Features 5/5

Of course, the first thing you’ll want to try out first is their camera features and it’s amazing. It lets you shoot like a pro without the need for you to be a pro. It comes not one, two or three lenses but with five lenses. It’s a full kit of lenses in your pocket. There’s a Telephoto Camera for great zoom possibilities, a Wide-angle camera for everyday moments, and an Ultra Wide Camera for panoramic landscapes.

Galaxy S10 UltraWide Lens lets you capture the world as you see it with a 4.3 times larger area compared to the S9. The brand new 123-degree lens is perfect for epic landscape shots, UltraWide panoramas (top and bottom, as well as width) and also fit the entire extended family into the photo –you’ll never leave anyone, or anything, out of the shot again.

Some of the pictures that we snapped through the Samsung S10. 

The extraordinary dual aperture camera makes sure you’re never left out while taking pictures in the dark too. It provides day to night light control- adjusting and optimizing light before you tap the shutter. Also, be sure to use their Artistic Live Focus and their AR Emoji for entertainment.

Besides that, another brilliant feature that’ll rock your socks off is their Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner. The first-ever embedded Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner can read the 3D contours of your physical fingerprint for a seamless experience, and features improved anti-spoofing to keep your device safe.  

Performance 5/5

Samsung re-engineered the smartphone display with the Infinity-O Display. Everything you can see in a screen and maximizes display real estate for what matters most. It made the whole movie watching experience through the S10 like a surreal cinema experience.

Note to point out that the convenience of using the fingerprint scanner came like a breeze as well but the process to register your thumbprint may take a while as it’s a thorough system but it ensures double the protection when it comes to the security of your phone.  

Image via Youtube

Image via Youtube

Both front and rear cameras can shoot in up to UHD quality for a better quality of video recording. Also, the Super Steady feature, powered by stabilization technology (VDIS), offers an improved stabilization rate compared to typical video stabilization to help you record a steady video even during your most active shots- from skiing to cycling and to anything in between.

The new AI-powered performance optimization software on the Galaxy S10 automatically optimizes the battery, CPU, RAM and even the temperature of your device based on your unique usage so that your phone works harder when you need it the most.


Samsung S10 gives us an intensive high technology features that I dare say would last for a long time.


Front Camera: 10MP Selfie Camera | Battery Capacity: 3400mAh | Screen Size: 6.1” | Weight: 157 g  



Rating: 5/5

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