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Pioneer’s New Z-Series Receivers Transform The In-Car Experience For 2020 and Beyond with Big Screens and Cutting-Edge Audio

by Natasha Christopher

Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre, a leader in aftermarket car audio, today announced five new multimedia receivers: the 8-inch DMH-ZS8250BT, the 7-inch AVH-Z9250BT and AVH-Z7250BT, the 6.8-inch AVH-Z5250BT, and the 6.2-inch AVH-Z2250BT. This new range brings the Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™ 1 , and WebLink™ experience to every driver, offering superior audiovisual performance, better smartphone connectivity, and new convenience features.

“Today’s drivers live faster-paced lives, and need much more quality and convenience from their in-car entertainment systems – so we designed our 2020 lineup of multimedia receivers specifically to meet those needs,” said Mr. Ronald Lee, General Manager of Sales and Marketing Division, Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre. “Premium car entertainment features such Apple Carplay and Android Auto are now available and accessible to car drivers using the new Z-series multimedia receivers, along with the incredible convenience features and audio performance Pioneer users have come to know and love.”

New to the Z-series family is the DMH-ZS8250BT, a top-of-the-line receiver sporting a large, 8-inch display designed to provide drivers with a large, legible, and luxurious viewing experience. Navigation, communication and enjoying entertainment have never been easier – and thanks to its 24-bit True Colour capacitive touchscreen, drivers can enjoy a rich viewing experience and interact with content onscreen effortlessly.

While designed primarily for driving convenience, the DMH-ZS8250BT is also easy to install – a new, innovative design allows drivers to set up the receiver in a single, double, or non-DIN configuration – with the new modular setup.
The DMH-ZS8250BT pushes the envelope not only in display quality and installation convenience but audio performance too. It features new audio components, using premium high capacitance Polymer Multi-Layer Capacitors, redesigned circuit boards with low impedance parts, shielded audio signal circuitry, and an improved digital-to-analogue converter. All this translates into a vast increase in audio quality, creating a signature sound with wider and clearer treble, deeper bass, and less distortion than what the industry has. This wider soundstage also enables drivers to customise the audio output through the receiver’s 13-band graphic equaliser in a far deeper and more precise way than what could be achieved before.


The DMH-ZS8250BT and the rest of Pioneer’s new Z-Series receivers – the AVH-Z9250BT, AVH-Z7250BT, AVH-Z5250BT, and AVH-Z2250BT –come with all the essentials car enthusiasts look for in a premium product. For starters, they feature Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and WebLink, a new interface which allows drivers to interact with apps, media and entertainment on their phones right on the receiver’s display.

These features are supported by Pioneer’s reimagined user interface, which acts as the perfect gateway to ultimate convenience and entertainment. The new user experience features customisable elements with bigger icons, offering drivers an intuitive way of interacting with their receivers.

Under the hood, cutting-edge technologies by Pioneer take the meaning of convenient, effortless and entertaining driving to another level. With the new automatic cable connection detection feature, users can easily connect their phones to the receivers without any setup. In addition, the latest Bluetooth technologies allow drivers to pre-register up to 20 phones on the AVH-Z9250BT (five on Pioneer’s other Z-Series), with up to three phones on a simultaneous full-time connection and switch between sources effortlessly with just a tap.


These receivers support convenience and safety features on select cars, including customisable learning steering wheel controls, camera inputs, and parking assist guidelines.
Audio features which Pioneer users know and love are also available – including a 13-Band Graphic Equaliser, Auto Time
Alignment and EQ features (CD-MC20 required), Crossover Settings, and Pioneer’s new advanced sound retriever audio
enhancement software.

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With five unique models of multimedia receivers in the new Z-series lineup, drivers can rest assured that there is always a Pioneer product to meet their needs. The new receivers will be available at Pioneer’s authorised dealers in Singapore and Thailand in February, and March for Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Philippines, and Vietnam.

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