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Searching For The Truth Paid Off For Local Artist, Zamaera as She Premiers Her EP “Z”

by Natasha Christopher

If you’re not aware of local hip hop/rapper queen, Zamaera, time for you to start taking notice in her music and hard work. This Subang Jaya native has been making waves in Malaysia and also internationally. After securing over a million views for her appearance on MTV Asia’s Yo! MTV, and Zamaera has had the opportunity to grace the Good Vibes Festival stage the same of which Lorde, Sza, Nick Murphy, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

At the launch of her EP “Z”, we got the chance to watch her perform and sit down to chat with her on this EP and some pretty exciting news on her nationwide tour too! 

Charting her journey in-between fierce bars and soulful composition, “Z” documents emotion, revelations and vulnerability. Setting herself apart with the ability to tell an intricate story in a matter of minutes, she explores the universal themes of change and love; confronting them with introspection, empathy and confidence.

Some of your singles brought a very raw and vulnerable side to you. Could you explain the concept of why you wanted to go with this concept compared to your hardcore rap genre style?

For me, it’s high of importance as an artist to showcase your strong as well as your weak suit. I connect in an emotionally sense when it comes to my music. There’s no point in me just sharing the good times with the listeners but deep down as a musician, you feel all mellow inside. Strongest part about this is you actually have people who feel the same way and that’s what music is all about. To feel that connection. In this EP definitely shows the growth I’ve achieved as an artist and to not be afraid to show who I am as an individual.

In 2017, she dropped two singles, “Helly Kelly” and “Wanita,” earning her an artist development deal and a recording contract with international recording label Lakefront Records along the way. With two successful singles under her belt, Nike approached her with an endorsement opportunity.  

How did the recording deal with LakeFront Records come about?

Zamaera poses with her EP cover alongside CEO of Lakefront Records, Bryan Tan

Zamaera poses with her EP cover alongside CEO of Lakefront Records, Bryan Tan

I met CEO of Lakefront Records, Bryan Tan who is a mutual friend of a mutual friend. We met May 2017 and they had proposed me to enter into Lakefront’s artist development program which was supposed to last for two years but of course, things progressed fast for me. In that program, I’ve learned plenty of things that guide me in being a better artist from brushing up on my singing skills, to consistent practice in knowing musical notes and what not.

Zamaera is the first (ever in the world) to tour in a brand new format – LFx. Concerts in LFx features the artist in a perfectly calibrated environment, permitting the artist to perform live in 7.1 surround sound with visual accompaniment. The nationwide tour is made possible with the exclusive partnership between TGV Cinemas and Lakefront Records to bring LFx technology to life.

What can the fans expect from this nationwide tour?

Definitely, much more immersive experience as it’s going to be visual and sound based. It’s gonna be including all the songs from the EP as well as the new songs that I’ll like to save during the special moment. They’ll be in for a treat because it’s nothing like they’ve ever experienced before. It can be intimidating on how people approach this new style as the show did not happen like a breeze but we overcame it as a team. Our goal is to make the best experience for everyone and evolve better.

What do you like to do for fun?

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I’m like what you would call “kanak-kanak mudah terhibur”. I am easily entertained by small little things in my life. The best would have to be just me spending quality time together with my family and friends. Other than that, I’ve been having fun just working out and being all healthy. Besides that, it’s all about making new music is ultimately what makes me happy deep down.

What is your current playlist?

Wow, there’s just so many to choose but currently, I have two songs that are on repeat. One is Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings and YNW Melly featuring Kanye West’s Mixed Personalities. I enjoy the classics too like Sade’s Smooth Operator too. For now, it’s that both songs.

More details will be released as the dates draw closer, but it is certain that the tour will travel to TGV Cinemas in Johor Bahru, Penang, Miri with the first concert in Kuala Lumpur. “Z” will be available on iTunes and all streaming platforms from March 29th 2019. #ZtheEP

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