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8 Things That Annoys The S**t Outta People

by Natasha Christopher

Let’s face it, human beings are an interesting bunch of people. It gets more intriguing when you’re the observer type. You get to see different types of personality and also their rather annoying pet peeves that drive everyone up the wall.

Pet peeves are not only irritating to one’s life but if it continues, it’ll disrupt your emotions too. According to psychologist and stress expert Deborah Rozman, PhD, of the Institute of HeartMath in Boulder Creek, Calif, said that “people tend to look at the big sources of stress — a job change, major life crises — as the ‘real’ ones,” she says. But small irritations accumulate, and these little emotional ‘paper cuts’ can create real anxiety and health problems.” Shocking how the smallest thing that annoys you can bring the biggest impact to you?

I enjoy going to the cinema alone, watching my favourite movie, with my hoodie on, and ready to have alone time to myself. It all goes downhill when someone decides to answer their phones and speak loudly while the movie has started, and another person will be commenting on the movie to another friend as though they were the directors of the show. Why can’t people understand the sanctity of treating it as though it’s a solitude place? Nobody wants to listen to your comments nor what you ate for dinner over the phone.  Writing this definitely boils me up. Hence, here are 8 other things that annoy humans like you and me on a daily basis.

Chewing loudly 


I think annoying is a total understatement when you can hear someone chewing loudly. It just makes you want to put cellophane tape over their mouth and ask them to shut it. This habit is so maddening that in 2001, misophonia is a condition which means sufferers have a hatred of sounds such as eating, chewing, loud breathing or even repeated pen-clicking. You know it’s legit when they’ve given a name to this particular habit.

Always show up super late


Who here loves waiting? Duhh, obviously not! As a normal Malaysian, we would be expected to arrive half an hour later than the suggested time. Though we may be accustomed to those habits, it’s just simply never fun to be the person that’s waiting. So, the next time your friend says they’re on the way, rest assured they might only be waking up or just simply stalling time because #Malaysian. Of course, don’t make this a habit, it’s not cool as time goes by.

Littering around 


If you look at the developed countries, cleanliness plays a huge role for them. However, when it comes to Malaysians, we have lots to learn when it comes to littering at the right place, which is in the rubbish bin and not into the drain or empty streets. It doesn’t show a great image to us and certainly annoys a few people. You wouldn’t like it if someone threw rubbish in your room, don’t you?

Sneezing or coughing without covering your mouth 


What’s more infuriating than the three above pet peeves? Germs! Especially when it’s not handled well. I still don’t get how certain people don’t feel the need to close their mouth when they’re sneezing or coughing. It is downright disgusting and germs shouldn’t be shared with others. The best part is when they do it in a public area and have no remorse. MAJOR ANNOYING!

Line Cutters 


You’re waiting in line what seems to be like forever to get the latest phone gadget or the hottest food for lunch but it all boils you more when someone decides to cut line. Can you just feel the intensity of anger while imagining if you’re in that kind of situation? It’s so not cool for someone to just cut in line. We all got to be patient and just wait for your damn turn! 🙂

Kepoh Uncle and Aunties


Well, well, well, don’t think I’d let this one go. I’ll say it again that one of the biggest annoyance is when busybody/ kepoh aunties or uncles just feel the need to know everything about your life. Take it from an Indian girl like me, oh, boy! the amount of times I’ve gotten asked if I have a boyfriend or some of them feel the need to comment on my life or how I dress up really does annoy the s**t outta me. Aunty and uncle, sometimes it’s always good to be open and probably ask people like us simple questions like, how are you. Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?

No thank you, no smile 


I think it’s every Malaysian way to just be polite and smile whenever you see someone. It’s the best part about living here. However, the one thing that would be the biggest pet peeve is the fact that sometimes one does not smile or even say thank you to the people who are working in the service industry line. These people deserve way more than they are getting now so a simple thank you and a smile to them would mean to them more than anything else. Trust me, I know as I’ve worked as a waitress before and kindness goes a long way.

Interrupting people when they are talking 


How exciting it is to just say whatever that’s on your mind or even just having a normal conversation with your friends and family? It doesn’t get too happy when someone keeps interrupting you while you speak. It’s typically a rude thing to do and there are ways to not be disruptive.  For example, be polite when addressing during the middle of the issue, or use a proper timing.

If this is some of the pet peeves that you strongly resonate by, tell us how do you handle it? Because we sure are looking forward to knowing how to stop small things from irritating our lives.



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