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Engaged Couple Sings About Their Relationship In ‘Say A Prayer’

by Natasha Christopher

Ian Koren or as he’s known by his artist name, Reckless Escapades and his lovely fiance, Maruxa Lynd released a new song together called ‘Say A Prayer’ last week and it has been nothing but a crowd favourite so far. Not only did their song brought our attention to listen to it religiously but they are also the only Malaysian acts that are in Spotify’s Beats&Rhymes playlist too. It’s also good to note they are in other Spotify playlist too such as Spotify’s New Music Friday in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan ( 2 playlists) and Malaysia.

So, what makes this song such a special piece besides the amazing harmony that these two lovebirds have to offer? The song is based on their relationship. Say A Prayer describes the beginning of Reckless Escapades and Maruxa Lynd’s relationship. At surface level, it might sound like they’re being narcissistic, but the message that they wanted to share is the same – to have faith up above when all things fail and for appreciating the ups and downs that life throws us. No matter what, it’s always important to be grateful and to never give up on your dreams. The talented couple has been engaged since January of 2019.

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We decided to write this song because we felt the need to share our gratitude for finding each other and to remind other people out there that they aren’t alone and that it is possible to bounce back from the L’s of love. Also, cause it’s the month of giving and receiving love, we wanted to do a love song that people can dedicate to their special person in life.
if you’re wondering who are the singers who answered your prayers by this heartfelt song, here’s their background story.
Reckless Escapades
He’s been making music since his early teen years and has established himself as a hip-hop artist and producer hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2008, Ian moved to America at the age of 21 to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston. During his time in Boston, Ian began exposing himself as a solo artist. After graduation, he began performing in small coffee shops and bars in New York and many more.

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After his New York stint, he moved back to Malaysia and opened up a music production company called Goldensound Studios. With his new artist persona by the name of Reckless Escapades and his first official single “A Roaming Beggar”, it gave him a fresh start and a renewed sense of artistic freedom.
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Maruxa Lynd 
Hailing from the Philipines, Maruxa started her musical career in the heart of Kuala Lumpur as the frontwoman of the pop/alternative band Beatburns since 2011. Over the years, Maruxa Lynd has been featured in different songs by the likes of An Honest Mistake, Donamarie and K-Town Clan’s Crunk Cowboys & The Moon $hine Music.

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She has also been featured in various music videos and also Youtube/TV shows as a guest star. She has since released 2 singles on September 2018 and is expected to release more that cover different genres.
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Facebook: Maruxa Lynd
Listen to Say A Prayer on Spotify today;

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