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What’s Right With Being Single?

by Natasha Christopher

Ahhhh the ultimate feeling of the century. Being single. There are many negative emotions pertaining to being unattached from moping around, being envious at other couples, or just simply feeling like a totally useless person. However, to think about it, being single is never all that bad.

Take it from a girl like me. Being single has been something that I’ve gotten accustomed over the years. 5 years to be exact. Yes, as much as that’s a long time to be single, I’ve learned to just embrace it and screw what people think of me. Just like any other people that are hoping to find love someday, I do go through those times of great pressure to score a boyfriend or even just preventing myself from feeling like s**t every time it’s Valentine’s Day. Let’s not even start with those romantic movies too. Like, cry me a river, already!! (also, who can forget being a third wheel all the damn time?)

Nonetheless, one of the best things that ever happened to me is when I am single and I’ll tell you why. I’ve learned the fundamental thing that everyone needs is simply understanding about yourself. Though the experience may not be a smooth journey for me I’ve gotten to the point where learning to love myself and doing things alone has been nothing but a delight to me.

Eating alone, going to a cinema and watching a movie by yourself and shopping is one of the things that I’ve grown from hatred to love. There are physical characteristics to myself that I’ve matured from and looking at myself from a unique point of view certainly does makes me feel beautiful. I feel more empowered, confident and a sense of independence to run my own life. It’s a feeling of being free and accomplished about yourself that only you can feel and adore. I’m not saying you can’t get all this feeling if you’re in a relationship but being single helps to further focus on you attentively.


Alternately, being single explores the real person of who you are and why you are brought up to do in this world. Though this may sound intense, I’ve always believed that we are created on this earth to do more than just work and paying your bills off till you’re no longer breathing. It’s about the experience to achieve some sort of self-fulfilment or climb towards total nirvana state in your life. Of course, that’s a whole different topic altogether.

From my experience, I’ve encountered many people out there who cannot stand being alone (single) and will do whatever it takes to get a partner for themselves even if it means a toxic one. That’s probably wrong thinking, to begin with because all they are doing for themselves is creating an unnecessary hassle in the future. Thus, it’ll ruin their self-esteem, self-worth and not loving themselves as to how they deserve to be.

All I’m here to say is being single is not the worst thing ever that can happen to you. It all takes a sense of positivity and just have fun with the life you’re experience now. (in other words, layan je!)


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