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Valentine’s Day Cute Stories That Makes You Go Awww

by Natasha Christopher

Key to the heart? We share seven moments that proves knowing your loved ones pay this Valentine Day!

It is that time of the year again when commercials start drumming romantic thoughts and recommendations are popping everywhere on how to turn this annual celebration more memorable than the last. We think that relationship is about being attentive to your partner’s interests, and create these special moments not just on the V-day, to make it really special between two souls.

In honour of this Valentine Day, we look back at special moments, from our friends, which turn simple gesture from their loved ones into a lifetime of memories.

1. “My boyfriend isn’t really the romantic type so I rarely expect anything special for Valentine’s Day. But, once – while having lunch – I received several calls informing me of a ‘special’ delivery for me from an unknown number. Turns out, my boyfriend decided to outdo himself with a surprise bouquet of roses arranged neatly in a small wooden box and a really sweet note tucked at the side. Almost cried since he totally caught me off guard!” – Amira Aminuddin, 26

2. “My most memorable Valentine’s Day, was a day spent with my family in Cappadoccia, Turkey. It was in the fall last year when my dad woke us up before the crack of dawn and led us to a huge field. The surprise was a huge hot air balloon ride during sunrise and an entourage that held a “Happy Valentine’s Day” sign for us. It was the most adventurous and stunning Valentine’s memory I’ve had. Most would spend it with a lover, but my family made it as sweet and full of love
as ever.” – Nayli Abdul, 23


3. “My most memorable Valentine’s Day memory was of the time my boyfriend decided to turn the table by making us a home-cooked meal, complete with desserts during our mini-retreat. We had pizzas, brownies and lava cakes! After that, we spend the rest of the night walking along the beach with our dog. It was the best!” – Melissa Ong, 27

4. “Once, my colleagues were “concerned” when I complained about being a single wallflower all my life. Their idea of helping was to set me on a date with a common acquaintance via Twitter, who promptly said yes to it. Despite the awkwardness, I enjoyed my time and we still talked about it in the office till today” – Nor Atiqah, 28

5. “We’re really not the romantic type and spend most Valentines by sleeping in. But one Valentine, my partner randomly tagged me on social media on a rather sweet Harry Potter meme. He knows I’m a big fan of the series and that mini gesture was just precious!” – Cassey A., 28


6. “When you’re with someone you really love, any moment together is precious. My favourite moments with my other half are as simple as having his favourite meal at our local mamak and catching up on the animated series One Piece every Sunday.” – Miriam Goh, 29

7. “I’m not really good at craft work (I’m a guy with big hands lah) but I spend one Valentine learning how to fold origami hearts with each of our local paper currency – RM1, RM5, RM10 etc – and arranged them into a flower bouquet for my girlfriend. She loved it so much even though it was far from perfect. All those hours spend on watching online tutorials were worth it!” – Denny Lim, 39

A lot of special moments in life come from knowing your partner, friends or family well. This Valentine Day, we want you to know your loved ones better, or maybe have a little fun to test out their knowledge on you with TikTok, the hottest short video platform today. Join TikTok’s #theperfectus challenge by showcasing closeness with your loved ones, and have a go at the “How well do your friends know you” this Valentine’s Day and who knows you might discover new things that you didn’t know about them – making it easier to plan a memorable moment in the future for the both of you!

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