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Tune Talk’s Unlimited Data For Only RM1 #SureOne

by Natasha Christopher

Tune Talk will be taking 2019 by storm as it continues to strive in packing more value alongside exceptional services with a refresh of its already competitive line up of prepaid products and services. The company is aware of its subscribers’ needs, hence with 2019 revamp, they will be able to enjoy unlimited data coupled with high-speed connectivity at an amazing value, hassle-free.

Ameen Amaendran, Tune Talk CEO, stated, “The Tune Talk Value Pack is the brainchild of the ever-hardworking team at the company who always focuses on providing the best product with the best value for our subscribers. The main focus is to empower our subscribers to have the ability to choose as well as the freedom to experience data connectivity, depending on whichever that suits their needs within their individual budget. This new pack caters to every income segment of the market.”
Tune Talk Plans infographic
“With the new Tune Talk Value Pack, they can now enjoy unlimited daily data for as low as RM1 daily, and choose whether they want to chat nonstop, go on their favourite social media sites or listen to their favourite music all day with the daily RM1 data passes. Existing subscribers who switch to or new ones who activate this new pack will also be getting 10GB free basic internet. We are starting 2019 with the subscribers’ needs in mind and the revamp will definitely be able to fulfil the demands of our subscribers, Sure or not? #SureOne!” he added.

In order to fully immerse oneself and enjoy the benefits of the newly revamp Tune Talk prepaid pack, existing subscribers are encouraged to switch to the new pack via the Tune Talk app or SMS before 28th of February, while new subscribers who register to start on  17th January 2019 will automatically be on the new prepaid pack.

2019 is the company’s 10th year in service and it will be a great year to signify the brand’s commitment towards subscribers and giving them the power to choose what is best for them. #SureOne!




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