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The Best & Worst Time to Drive in KL This Thaipusam

by Natasha Christopher

It’s the first of the many public holidays we have here in Malaysia and this weekend just happens to be it. If you’re still clueless as to what this Monday is all about, it’s Thaipusam. So expect traffic to be not a ray of sunshine either especially in Kuala Lumpur area.
This Thaipusam, 1.5 million Hindu pilgrims and tourists from all around the region will be making their way towards Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the festival at Batu Caves. As Malaysians prepare for the celebration, we want to help you convene at the sacred site in a timely and safe manner with these following tips.

According to Waze, they have come up with their prediction for best and worst time to drive in Kuala Lumpur.

Those who want to avoid a traffic jam while they head into Kuala Lumpur can use the following guide:

January 20th, 2019

  • Worst time: 10-11am

  • Best time: 7-11pm

January 21st, 2019

  • Worst time: 4-5am

  • Best time: 8-9pm


Plan Your Drive for Thaipusam

Waze users can also stay ahead of traffic by using the Planned Drive function to notify them when to leave in order to reach Batu Caves – or their destination of the day – on time. Planned Drive can also sync with a phone’s calendar to help coordinate the day in a stress-free fashion.

Stay Alert with Live Updates

While you are on the road, turn on your Waze app to get driving directions, live traffic reports and alerts about car accidents, road conditions and hazards. You may also identify new and faster routes with the help of the app. Turn on the navigational voice so you can stay alert and keep your eyes on the road when you drive!

We hope you’ll find these tips to be useful during Thaipusam! Have a great weekend ahead and Happy Thaipusam to those who are celebrating it.

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