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Bassful SoundBar For Audiophile

by Natasha Christopher

The Samsung N650 guarantees a melody to accompany you to the best time of your life.

Design 5/5

Combining a sleek metal build and an iconic silver build of audio, this certainly is a sight to behold. There’s a screen on the bottom right of the soundbar itself which displays the different inputs available.  An overall look of the soundbar itself would set up anyone’s home theatre to be a complete one.  

Features 5/5

Tested and tuned at the California Audio Lab, this Soundbar N650 promises cutting-edge computer modelling to give you perfectly balanced, and room-filling sound. Make your entertainment come alive when the dynamic and rich sound that truly transforms your home. The Samsung Acoustic Beam technology mixes and delivers the sound so it appears to come precisely where the action is happening on screen. It’s perfect if you’re a movie buff and a gamer, this sound will really move you.

You can now set a wireless subwoofer too anywhere in your space and surround yourself with powerful and deeper bass. No hassle for the wires to disrupt your time too.

Images by Abenson.com

Images by Abenson.com

For an optimized gaming sound, just plug in your console and get the amazing audio you expect, right away. The Soundbar auto settings really utilise your sound to the game you’re playing too.

Experience a truly seamless 4K adventure right at your home. Your UHD content, UHD Blu-Ray Disk Player, and Soundbar are the perfect combination for incredible entertainment. With 4K Pass-Through, your 4K content plays seamlessly with additional dynamic surround sound.

Performance 4.5/5

Experience crystal clear dialogue with a dedicated centre channel. It provides balanced sound from one end to the other and beautifully completes your home entertainment experience.
soundbar 1
It’s pretty convenient when you can connect the Soundbar to your Samsung TV with ease and without the clutter of wires via Bluetooth. You’ll be able to enjoy all your content instantly with clearer, and more impactful sound. Plus, who says we’re leaving music out of the question? The Soundbar uses Bluetooth for easy wireless connections to other devices. Enjoy music from your mobile in top audio quality anywhere, no strings attached too!


Together with the Soundbar, you can create a channel system for a true surround sound experience for you and your loved one. Certainly, a purchase that’ll last for a long time.


Weight: 13.8 kg | Total Power: 360W | Frequency Range: 42Hz-20Hz | Price: RM 1,999



Rating 4.5 /5

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