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Natasha Christopher’s Guide To Being Happy In 2019!

by Natasha Christopher

Just like that, we’ve come to the year 2019. 2018 has been truly a roller coaster ride for the most of us. Some achieved what our resolution was from the start while the rest of us just fall off from the resolution train tracks by end of January 2018. Be that as it may, 2018 was nothing but short of surprises. From changing governments to standing up our right as Malaysian when it comes to food (crispy rendang chicken, pffftt!).

As for me, 2018 was a year full of in-depth struggles with personal issues but a year that has cemented my personality to be a more stronger and kinder one. I’ve learnt that no matter what life brings to the table, always carry forward and at the end of the day, do things that make you happy. Thus, for 2019, I’ll be sharing a few things that hopefully can be implemented into your life to walk into 2019 like a bawse 🙂

Image via Buzzmic

Image via Buzzmic

Travelling heals the soul 

If you’re a Malaysian, you won’t be surprised to know that out of all the Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia reigns with the most number of public holidays with a whopping 50 days! (Perks of living in a multi-racial country right? :D). Travelling more definitely bring an out-of-body experience rush of adventure and expanding one’s knowledge to a whole new level. Plus, not many can say that travelling makes them sadder, isn’t it? The best part is you don’t have to worry about finishing off your leave days so fast as you can thank the universe you’re a Malaysian.
Be nicer to animals 

I can’t stress this enough that animals needs ….. sorry, I mean DESERVES our kindness as well. I’m being filled with so much of anger of the inhumane activity of the people where dogs are reportedly found butchered and burnt (THE Star online reports, 7 January 2019.) What kind of sick person would even have the audacity to hurt another living being? Plus, it’s also nice for top officials to acknowledge and imprison such heinous crimes towards a dog and not only for a cat alone. Every animal matters too! Animals are one of our source of joy whether if you’re an animal lover or not. I mean you wouldn’t like it if someone hurt your best friend now, wouldn’t you?

Make time for the right people 

This is especially true when it comes to prioritizing your time and effort into the right energy of people. Though it takes time for people to realise how truly content your heart feels when you’ve done this, taking into action is another story. Be sure to know who are the people who lift you up and cheers you when things go south in your life. Truly spending quality time with the person and I’m not talking about playing with your phone while you’re out with your loved ones goes a long way of appreciation towards one another. Stop looking at your phones and truly engage in conversations because great relationships/friendships go a long way towards a path of happiness.

Walk away from drama 

Probably one of the hardest things I had to do for 2018 which is to cut negative people off my life but trust me, I am so much happier than I’ve ever been now. It opened my eyes in showing who are my real friends that have my support and who doesn’t. Walking away from drama and things that you know will probably hurt you is something you need to start eliminating now. Enjoy the inner glow you get from letting go and not engaging in drama.  When you’ve finally succeeded in breaking those pain and hurt chain free, that’s where you’ll be able to see the light and appreciate what life has to offer to you. If you’ve done mistakes in your life, making sure you learn from them and move forward is another mature step to forgiving yourself and smiling more!

Image via Lifehack

Image via Lifehack

Love Yourself 

American actress Lucille Ball said that “love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”, is spot on. When you have no love for yourself, that’s where you indulge in toxic relationships, no self-respect and eventually hurting yourself and others. How do one love yourself? Find something that makes you happy and start by doing it alone. For example, eating at your favourite spot alone, go to a cinema, read a book by the beach, be fit and really just truly make YOU the best company for yourself. When you feel the need to rely on someone just to go out, then that’s where you may be missing out on the joys of doing things by yourself.

However, always remember, no matter how much of money you’re earning,  the latest items you’ve got in your life or how stress work is for you, it’s crucial to put your happiness and mental state of mind first before anything else. With that being said have a fruitful new year and smile more! 😀


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