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2CENTS Top Pick On Where To Eat!

by Natasha Christopher

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

As Malaysian, we all definitely can agree on one thing that binds us together and that is food. Nasi lemak, roti canai, wantan mee, banana leaf meal, kuih-muih, bah kut teh and much other variety of food is accessible almost anywhere in Malaysia. That’s the beauty of our beautiful homeland. Ask all of your friends and family that travelled or is residing in another country and they’ll tell you the first thing about Malaysia that they miss is the food. Nothing like a hot cup of teh tarik during tea time and a spicy sambal of nasi lemak for supper.
nasi lehmak
I remember a moment where within two days I was in Melbourne, Australia, I was already craving for bah kut teh and my missing chilli padi. Took me only a couple of days to realize how much I took Malaysian food for granted. Well, it was only a vacation and shortly I was back to my Malaysian food.

Combining my love for food, I decided to embark on the different flavours of food that restaurants have here. It’s been an exciting 2018 getting to explore our foodie journey on mind-blowing taste to the simplest form of exquisite dishes. Here are some of our favourite choices for places to makan!

Masala Wheels 

No doubt here lies one of the best biryani places I’ve ever tasted. Without the need of curry to enhance the taste, the real flavours boost from its rice itself. Fragrant and fluffy at it’s best. Be sure to try their Sri Lankan banana leaf meal too all at an affordable price. This place is also a social enterprise for the poor people and helps the one who needs it the most.
masala biryani
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La Cocina Spanish Restaurant & Bar 

The term “mi casa es su casa” which means my house is your house, is truly the epitome of how we felt when we stepped in this fancy and ambient La Cocina Restaurant located in Subang Jaya. Their Paella De Mariscos is to die for with a generous portion and seafood are fresh and scrumptious. Make sure you finish it off with their heart-melting dessert too!
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Fujiyama Japanese Restaurant 

What started in New York and is a huge hit there, now Fujiyama opens their extra branch right here in Damansara with a top-notch presentation and excellent flavours.  You need to try their Salmon Belly Osaka Sushi which is one of their best sellers here and promises you wanting more. Most of their food here is colourful too so perfect for you to snap pictures to brag to your friends.
fuji volcano roll 1
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Fancy trying something different for a change? Like a new world flavour? Try Joloko’s speciality African-Carribean cuisine that’s for sure to tantalize your taste buds and a melting pot of cultures in one spoonful. They recently also won The Best Restaurant Bar at The Bar Awards. Oh, their cocktail is out of this world too, and make sure you ask for its name just for your own curiosity!
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Fierce Curry House 

With local celebrities giving their thumbs up in this place, Fierce Curry House promises a place to eat to the point where their slogan is the weight loss can wait. Be prepared for their one of a kind lobster biryani that is one of the best sellers here. It’s so famous till you need to reserve 24 hours in advanced. Also, don’t forget to try their apple, mango and watermelon lassi too.
fierce lobster 1
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Walnut Cafe & Bar 

Walnut Cafe & Bar is such a big hit that few celebrities and social media influencers love coming over to this place for an enjoying night with friends and family. Try the biggest beast food in the menu, which is the Signature Platter that comes with fresh seafood and can be shared from 4 to 8 people. They also take on the classic skewered wings that a great photo for your Instagram!
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123 Gasing 

A calm and chill vibe cafe that is situated right in the heart of Petaling Jaya. It has been welcoming customers from all walks of life and surprising people with their amazing choice of fusion food and desserts (to die for btw!). A retro experience in 123 Gasing that is for sure to put a smile on your face. With great service, excellent food, and amazing decor, you’ll be sure to stick around for hours.
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Good Friends Cafe 

Definitely, one of the best cafes to dine together with your good friends if you’re in Subang Jaya, SS15 area. This place shows the quality of a good restaurant from a warm place to excellent service staff to its exquisite and affordable choices of food. One of the things you need to try here is their coffee which is done by a contestant that join in barista competitions, Alston CY and as for food, try their chicken rice roulade and the ultimate fresh toast.
Tamarind Prawn Spaghetti
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Samba Brazillian Steakhouse 

The first concept of a steak buffet that exists in Malaysia. Their serving of the food and even their head chef is a Brazillian. So, you know you’ll be sure to get the whole Brazillian package of juicy meats. It has 15 different types of meat to be served including chicken heart, dory fish, grilled pineapple, sirloin steak and so on. Get an amazing view of the Petronas Twin Towers when you drink at the Skewer Bar.
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Bijan Restaurant & Bar 

A fine Malay cuisine situated right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s tourist-filled city centre lies an extraordinary twist of Malay cuisine as you’ve never had before. The ambience really plays in tune well with the dishes that we were served. Make sure to try their rusuk panggang (highly recommended) and their desserts that would surely end your night in Bijan Restaurant on a high note.

There you have it! So go on and check this new places out and let us know what you think of it? Do let us know if you have any new place for us to review on! Have a awesome 2019 ahead! 🙂

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