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Experience Gluttony Only in Samba Brazilian Steakhouse

by Natasha Christopher

Think you’re up for 12 to 15 different types of meat and as well as a buffet set to go along with it? Then, this place is sure to bring out the foodie beast in you. Located in the heart of the city in Avenue K Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, you’re definitely in for a bonus view too.

Upon entering, you’ll be welcomed by two Spanish bulls and a Rio Carnival showgirl mannequin with smiling faces from the staff members ready to assist you. You can almost feel the vibe of Brazil as you enter in here from the environment to the settings and the Brazil flag that is hung at the skewer bar area.
samba deco

Inside of the Skewer Bar

Inside of the Skewer Bar

Before entering into the Skewer Bar, you’ll definitely be wanting to take pictures at the London red telephone box. After you’re done, be ready for more pictures because on the inside is equally as Insta amazing when you first walked in. Each chair showcases famous faces from singers to painters and is adorned by purple hazy lights everywhere to set the mood. Drink by the view overlooking Four Seasons Hotel, Twin Towers and other skyscraper buildings.

Here were the drinks that were presented to us;

eggroni samba
This drink was created back in the 70’s century when people were having a hard time. In this classic Negroni, the molecular spherical shape like red cherry is to be done in one go. You can feel a rubbery feeling to it as it has a sodium alginate bath and a calcium chloride solution. An experimental drink that you should try!

pordosol samba
A word derived from Portuguese which means Sunset. From the presentation itself, you have a Campari sugar rim on top for a kick of spiciness for an aftertaste. It has Becker drink mixed with a Czech Republic herbal liquor, orange juice, sweet martini roso reduction with wine, and Moscato. You’ll have a lot of Christmas flavours in there.

Le Cure
le cure samba
A savoury and sweet drink for those who are not keen on the stronger side of a cocktail. It has Italian Amaro liqueur topped with lots of cardamom syrup, chocolate, and toffee notes. Comes with cherry liquor and a little bit of lemon juice to balance the flavours out.

Jalisco Sea
jalisco sea samba
A sea of Mexican feast in one drink. Taking up on a twist of the classic New York Sour. You have Tommy’s margarita, with agave, lime juice, tequila Ocho, and a float of Portuguese wine. Jalisco Sea is sure to be a more fruity and less dry drink.

Price of the drinks starts from RM30 per cocktail.  

The food!

So far, no one in Malaysia has a unique concept of a steak buffet house but in Samba Brazilian Steakhouse, it fits the description accurately. The buffet here starts at 6 pm onwards and has seafood and much other variety of food to indulge in.
All the steak are cooked with a burning charcoal and done in a Brazilian style called Churrascaria. The history behind this style of cooking dates back to early 1800s where European immigrants settled in the Rio Grande do Sul area of Brazil. There were Brazilian settlers that known as Gauchos. The Gauchos cooked large portions of prime meats that were skewed and skillfully roasted to perfection over the pits. This tradition is prepared and served to each table where Samba Brazilian SteakHouse adopted this concept too.

Plus, you know you’re in a Brazil mode when the BBQ Section is also a Brazilian that goes by the name Chef Pablo. Oh, the food here is all halal too as the person who takes care and operates the Buffet section is Chef Amir and most of the staff members are Muslim.

“Most of the steak is marinated with salt to keep the natural taste alive. We enhanced it with a pepper beef marinade too which is somewhat of our signature marination.” Chef Pablo & Chef Amir 

We’ll let the pictures speak for itself ….

Rump Steak

Are you drooling like I am now?

Are you drooling like I am now?

The best seller and an all-time favourite from the customers in Samba restaurant. A rump steak is a basic equivalent to an American sirloin steak. The ratio of the fat to its meat is about 20:80 and is cooked to a medium rare perfection. You need to eat it to believe the magic of a beautiful steak like this.

Lamb Steak
The lamb steak certainly promises foodgasm in your mouth. Tender, and juicy at first bite. Oh, what a delight it was!

Dory Fish
dory fish samba
If I can recall, the dory fish was one of the buffet options that I kept on eating and eating. Its fish meat is soft and has a beautiful buttery feeling in your mouth that melts to every bit of wonderful.

Beef Sirloin/ Beef With Cheese

Beef with parmesan cheese

Beef with parmesan cheese

Stunning isn't it?

Stunning isn’t it?

The only best way to have your steak is medium rare and Samba Brazilian Restaurant offers just that with a bonus of it being a steak buffet. Seared wonderfully on the outside, warm and firmer on the inside. Besides that,  be sure to get the beef steak with parmesan cheese too that will surely bring you to another experience of steak eating.

Roasted duck
Another favourite from our time in the restaurant. A must try! You won’t regret it.

Grilled Pineapple
pineapple samba
Blends well with the steak. You can still taste the freshness of the pineapple although it is grilled bringing a unique flavour after all that steak eating.



weekdays (Monday till Friday) lunch buffet is RM 59++

Package includes
– more then 40 type of spread buffet
– unlimited 6 type of BBQ meats
– 1 soft drinks

Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) lunch buffet is RM 89++

Package includes
– more then 40 type of spread buffet
– unlimited 10 type of BBQ meats
– Free flow soft drinks

Price subject to 5% service charge and 6% service tax



For weekdays (Sunday till Thursday) dinner buffet is RM 109++ per person

Package includes

– more than 50 type of spread buffet

– unlimited 12 type of BBQ meats

– free flow soft drinks

Weekend (Friday and Saturday) dinner buffet is RM 119++ (wagyu beef included)

Package includes

– more than 50 type of spread buffet

– unlimited 15 type of BBQ meats

Price subject to 5% service charge and 6% service tax

Keep a lookout on their Facebook page for more information: Samba Brazilian Steak House


Address: Third floor, Avenue K, 156, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Business Hours: 12pm to 10.30pm 

Contact number: +60 16-331 8212


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