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Violinist Jessica Loo Learned The Hard Way To Be Successful

by Natasha Christopher

Though Jessica Loo started her career as a violinist at the age of 21 years old and knew absolutely nothing about violin and how it works, her dedication towards showmanship and passion brought her to the right places at the right time.

How did the journey of being a violinist begin for you?

I’ve worked in a few places before this which has nothing to do with music but all I ever received was scolding from bosses. Frustrated, I was working as an administrator for a music school at the age of 20 years old. One day I followed my boss to see him perform his violin talent in a show. At that moment, I was so in awe and just felt that it was my calling to be like him on stage someday playing the violin. From there, I approached my boss and friend to teach me more on violin and the rest is history. I would practice three hours in the studio each day just so I could get a certificate. After six months, I achieved my dreams and started teaching other students how to play the violin.
What did you initially wanted to be from young?

I always wanted to be a businesswoman. I didn’t like music growing up. However, I got a dose of music during high school when I wanted to follow my friend who was in the marching band. I joined in and became a drummer.

What some of the challenges that you have to go through as a violinist?

As you know, I did not learn violin at a young age but only when I was slightly older. That was a challenge for me because my physical body is bit stiff and I don’t have music experience except for drums. Though I have the rhythm, but my tone and reading of the chords are bad in the beginning. Violin particularly is a hard instrument to learn as intonation is high of importance. One wrong touch and it’ll go out of tune.
Greatest experience as a violinist?

One of the biggest changes was the image. We have to take good care of it since I am going to be performing in front of live audiences. To be in my career, it’s always important to be able to spread positivity to the younger generation and encourage them to never give up in their passion for music.

What is your favourite piece of music do you love to play?

I’m a very sentimental person so I love to play a song that is able to express myself. Since I am performing too, playing energetic music is something that I am learning now too, especially Vivaldi’s song. All are high beat tempo. My musical influences range from David Garrett, Lindsey Stirling, and Chris Lee.  

In your opinion, do you think more people should play the violin?

Everyone should learn music and not just in the violin. It’s a form of art to express yourself and release your emotions all through music. It doesn’t have to be in a professional matter, but a one-time thing would be great too.

What is your goal for this next two years?

To keep inspiring people out there and also to branch towards casting into movies and hopefully send my positive message out there.  

Jessica Loo runs a music school as well called Absolute Music Studio for seven years now and is located in Klang. To see the masterpieces of a violinist that she is, do keep a lookout on her whereabouts here:

Instagram: Jessica Loo

Facebook: Jessica Loo Violin Artiste 

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