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Famous Halloween Figures That Still Haunt Us

by Natasha Christopher

It’s about to be a more spooky day today as it’s not only Halloween Day but also walking down nightmare lane to remind us of our traumatic childhood. Why would I do that? Well, why not? It’s once in a yearly festival where people don the scariest costume and freak the s**t outta people! So, I thought, instead of being the victim of horror, let me be the bully this time *cues evil laughs*. In all seriousness, Halloween can be extra creepy when you see someone wearing a costume that used to terrorize you while you were a child. I can’t deal if their heads are not attached to their body. Yikes, getting chills just talking about it.

Without further ado, here are some of the scariest monsters that make you want you to switch on your lights and sleep!



You know it’s already a horror to your soul when the scary thing in this 2003 famous Japanese movie is a child with an eery sound and crawls backwards down the stairs.  Definitely one of the creepiest child monster that has ever existed. According to Ju-On, when a person dies with a deep and powerful rage, a curse is born. Maybe the term, never go to bed angry is right.

P.S Thank God for the parody movie on Ju-On in Scary Movie 4.



2. Pennywise The Clown 

Clowns was once a child’s happiness during a party or festival but ever since  Stephen King’s 1986 novel and eventually turned into a movie, IT makes us all feel that clowns are scary AF. A clown (especially Pennywise!) that preys on the young with treats and in turn eats them up, do sound like a movie that could scar a child to be in a constant state of a nightmare.



3. Hannibal Lecter 

Just saying his name makes me want to call FBI Agent Clarice Starling to rescue me. Hannibal the cannibal as he’s known presents a twisted and excellent performance from Anthony Hopkins that earned him Best Actor in 1992 Oscars. Dr Hannibal Lecter gives you a feel where he is watching your every move no matter where you’re at even though he is locked up in a high-security prison. Let alone he eats human flesh and loves it.



4. Norman Bates 

An all-time classic movie from Alfred Hitchcock, owner of Bates Motel, Norman Bates shows a very presentable, funny and friendly guy who stays with his mother, Norma. However, he has mysterious agendas behind him. As the visitors who stay in this fictional motel,  gets murdered, turns out the truth is much more complicated and you need to be prepared for a mind blown experience if you haven’t watched this movie.



5. Freddy Krueger 

Forget Elm Street, Freddy Krueger is already a nightmare on everyone’s street. Depicted to be one of all time most haunted monsters ever with his burned face who uses a gloved hand razor to kill people, certainly sounds like someone that can haunt a child’s perception of monster. What makes this movie a terrifying one is the fact that he kills someone in their dreams. Yes, it’s that bad. To close my eyes at night without getting Krueger-fied after watching the movie is impossible.



6. Cujo 

Oh, what a sweet adorable dog that makes Cujo’s owners happy but what is to be a dog’s best friend is about to be the dog from hell when Cujo is bitten by a bat. This St Bernard dog turns aggressive and behaves oddly. As Cujo morphs into a dangerous beast, he goes on a rampage in a small town. My question is, why the dog? I’m going to be afraid of all dogs after this.



7. Aliens 

In a box office film by James Cameron, the aliens are the creepiest thing that will lure you in your fictional world.   They attach themselves to the victim’s face, embed an egg in the person’s stomach, and then a baby aliens bursts out of their chest. In turn, the baby grows and kills everyone else in their sight, just their mother. Sounds gross, isn’t it? But the thrill and suspense are real. Definitely one of the worst ways to die, if you think about it.



8. Annie Wilkes, Misery 

It’s totally cool to be a fan of your favourite author but it’s psychotic when you hold the author captive and forces him to write your stories. Meet former nurse Annie Wilkes, who rescued her idol Paul Sheldon from a car crash only to torture him and fit her novel fantasies in the book. A must watch movie!



9. The Exorcist 

What considered to be one of the scariest faces in the history of horror movie making. The book, inspired by the 1949 exorcism of Roland Doe follows the demonic possession of a 12-year-old girl and her mother’s attempts to win her back through an exorcism conducted by two priests. What makes this a reality for most of us is the fact that there have been few instances of accidents and mishaps that happened while filming. Goosebumps!



10. Michael Jackson in Thriller 

Who can forget the horror zombie-themed music video by Michael Jackson’s Thriller that made a worldwide sensation, making it the history’s bestselling albums.  The 13 mins video is accompanied by creepy dance routine, and zombies coming out from their graves, but nothing compares to the evil laugh at the end of the music video that will continue to hunt people till today.



11. Michael Myers 

No, this is not the Austin Powers that is played by Mike Myers. Michael Myers is a serial killer who brings a knife and killed people since he was 6 years old. He first killed his older sister and years later he escaped prison and returned back to his killing habits while being chased by his former psychiatrist. Movie name is fitting because its Halloween!

Have a Horror-ween night tonight and make sure no-body (pun intended) tells you other wise! 😉


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