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Careers That Are Hot Right Now

by Natasha Christopher

In this year alone, the unemployment rate in Malaysia inched down to 3.4 per cent in July 2018 from 3.5 per cent in the same month of the previous year. However, getting the job that you want may not be as easy as it is. You have to go through a mass number of requirements before you send anything out to your potential boss. For example, updating your resume, research the job you are applying for, read up on the company, and many more.


The job scene here in Malaysia is changing its course to a more diverse role now that the stereotypical Asian job of doctors, engineers, and lawyers are not the only thing that is in demand.

So, what kind of jobs do employers seek for now?

1.Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 


There’s no doubt technology is everywhere from shopping, eating, and even getting your groceries done- through the click of the button on your smartphone at the comfort of your own home. In today’s digital age, cyber security remains as one of the biggest issues that people need to overcome and also be ensured with. With the risk of one’s company being disrupted, employers are now in search of a vast workers in the field of ICT.

Jobs related: Application analyst, IT consultant, cyber security analyst, Database administrator, data scientist. 

2. Communications 


This may be one of the most “around-the-clock” kind of jobs and yet a career that deserves a lot more credit. Being in this field, you are basically the information bearer to a large number of people and updating people on the latest updates, events and news. For example media like newspapers, magazines, radio, online platforms and television too. It’s an interesting job too if not sitting in the office the whole week and meeting people is what you like, this is for you.

Jobs Related:  Public Relations, Advertising, Broadcasting, Editorial. 

3. Culinary Arts/Hospitality 


Not for the faint of hearts as this job may take up your time and energy but if the passion is there, your work will turn into your most favourite hobby. As travelling is pretty much a source of income to Malaysia as well, employers are seeking more service staff to cater to the needs of their customers. Food, on the other hand, is necessary for a human being. (mind you, we are Malaysians, so food intake could be about 4 times a day!)

Jobs Related: Chef/Sous Chef, Hotel Management, Tourism, Restaurant Owner/Manager. 

4. Graphics Design/ Multimedia 


Another form of communication between the people but visually. It involves problem-solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration. Creative designers pave the way of creating a dialogue with their craft as well as producing 3D animated characters. It’s an exciting field to let your creativity and imagination run wild.

Jobs Related: Web Designer, graphic designer, animator, creative/art director, photoshop artist.

5.  Education 


Probably one of the most important job when it comes to shaping the youth and children of the future. Takes an immense amount of patience and effort when you’re in the educating line of work. You need to adhere to the appropriate teaching and caring methods to ensure high quality of teaching. However, it’ll be worth it when one of your students come up to you and say things like “because of you I am successful” or “my teacher helped me in my academics”.

Jobs Related: Lecturer,  teachers, tuition teachers, education administrators. 

6. Healthcare 


Most people think when it comes to healthcare, it’s always doctors. Wrong! You have superwoman and superman that are also the angel behind the medical line. They dedicated their lives to helping and improvement of one’s health via prevention, diagnosis, and many others. Certainly, a job that most needs to be on a 24-hour basis.

Jobs Related: Nursing care, physician, medical social services, dental field.

This is just some of the high-in demand jobs you have here. Whether these jobs are catered to you, it’s always important to find the right job based on your personality to feel like you’re coming to your favourite place instead of the term “work”. Good luck!

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