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Labuan, Land of Nature Lover

by Natasha Christopher

Not many people know of the many wonders that Labuan has, which is located off the coast of the state of Sabah in East Malaysia. When people actually do visit this place with only a population of only 100,000 people, there’s nothing but amazing things to be said about Labuan. Local Malaysian travel photographer, Zahariz shares the view of Labuan Islands through his lens and activities to do as well.

The trip to Labuan was for a group of social media influencers that was hosted by Gaya Travel together with Malaysia Tourism and Labuan Tourism in an effort to promote this place as a top tourist destination.

When we first arrived, we were greeted by warm smiles by the staff members from Palm Beach Resort & Spa Labuan, Pilly Holiday Home and Tiara Labuan Hotel – as we stayed in few hotels/ resorts for a total of seven days.

Though I was there to enjoy my trip and taking stunning shots and videos, me and my travel mates had an amazing experience. The reason why I say this is because the local performances there just hypes us up and attracts the crowd to enjoy our stay here even more. Plus, the mouth-watering food you’ll be wanting more after a productive activity planned out as well as learning about the local culture and history of Labuan especially during our visits to the museum. Top of the list that makes the most wonderful memory for me is the water activities like sunset sailing, banana boat, sofa boat (must do in Pulau Papan) and snorkelling.

Pulau Rusukan Besar

Pulau Rusukan Besar

Those who are a newcomer to the island, I highly suggest doing water activities like island hopping, sailing, snorkelling and even dive yourself to see sunken shipwreck too! It’s so worth it. All of you must visit these small islands like Pulau Layangan and Pulau Rusukan Besar because of its crystal clear, blue turquoise waters so it’s feel surreal while snorkelling and enjoying the view of the corals and aquatic species that live in that island.

Pulau Layangan

Pulau Layangan

 Pulau Layan Layangan is only 5 minutes boat ride from the beach of Kampung Layang-Layang which is known as Pulau Ular but the locals because of the many sea snakes around this small rocky island.

If you’re not a fan of the water activities, there are also some short trekking areas like The Chimney in Labuan itself and Pulau Rusukan Besar – walking around the island takes roughly about 40 minutes.  
Put aside my travel experiences around the world, I would just love to say how much I really am in love with Malaysia’s array of islands such as Labuan. With its pristine island, delicious food especially the seafood (which is super cheap!) just makes me proud to say that this glorious place belongs in my homeland. Plus, if you’re a Malaysian travelling to Labuan, it is easier for you because of the familiar language and the need without a Malaysian passport to journey through Labuan. Everyone should visit Labuan at least once in their lifetime. It’s more beautiful when you get to see it up close and personal.

Zahariz has been making travel videos and snapping pictures since 2010. He is always on the go as one day he’ll be on top of the Himalaya mountains, to laughing with the Sulu people in Sabah, to even frostbite cold in the Arctic. Follow him on social media to know of his whereabouts and stunning pictures too!

Malaysian Nomad, Zahariz Khuzaimah

Malaysian Nomad, Zahariz Khuzaimah

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