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Whitman Launches FREE Waze-LiKE Navigation App For Financial Freedom

by Natasha Christopher

Whitman Independent Advisors’ push to democratise holistic wealth management and deliver much-needed wealth management services once reserved for high net worth individuals to all Malaysians has resulted in yet another first for
the company.

Barely 2 months since the debut of the first advisor-driven online wealth
management mobile application (app) in Malaysia called iWealth, Whitman
Independent Advisors is now launching iWealth Basic, the first FREE Roadmap to
Financial Freedom tool in Malaysia.
In one of the biggest shake-ups in the wealth management industry to date, iWealth Basic seamlessly integrates a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) element to Whitman’s renowned Roadmap to Financial Freedom service. The Roadmap to Financial freedom service is a proprietary solution developed by Whitman to help clients ascertain if their wealth is growing fast enough to achieve all their financial goals.

Through iWealth Basic, users navigate around the easy to use mobile application by
entering their personal financial information such as income, expenses, existing
investments and financial goals to arrive at the most optimal way to achieve financial freedom. These actions form the basis of a master plan for all future financial and investment decision making.

iWealth Basic offers users a snapshot of their present and future financial standing
while generating a suite of personalised strategies to help them get closer to
achieving their financial goals. At the end of the day, users get to choose strategies
that would best serve their needs and interests. They will be able to see the impact
of every financial decision, no matter how big or small, on their financial future.
iWealth Basic Media Q &A
Said Mr Yap Ming Hui, Founder and Managing Director of Whitman Independent
Advisors, “Financial Freedom occurs when an individual has the ability to fund
whatever financial goals that they desire, at the same time, have the freedom to
choose whether to work or not work. The introduction of iWealth Basic comes at a
time when an increasing number of Malaysians are grappling with high household
debts, the cost of quality children’s education, car and housing loans which pushes
them further and further away from achieving financial freedom. Malaysians are also struggling to identify the best option to grow their money without taking unnecessary risks”.

iWealth Basic is released in conjunction with the release of an updated version of Mr Yap Ming Hui’s 2010 bestseller, Roadmap to Financial Freedom. The book, retailing at RM 39.90 is available at all major bookstores.

Meanwhile iWealth Basic is available to download for FREE from Apple or Google
Play Store. Look for iWealth by Whitman.

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