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 Whimsical Journey Throughout Walnut Cafe & Bar, Puchong.

by Natasha Christopher

Walking in, you will be enchanted by the soldier figurines that will greet you at the entrance of the door. Once you enter in, the smiling faces from the staff just make you feel enlightened by their welcome and as you look around the place, stunning architecture, designs, vintage collections and the chill ambience it provides for you on a busy day just makes your mood from a frown to a happier one.
Walnut Cafe & Bar is a creative space that focuses on delicious food and excellent service quality. It is more than just a place for good food, relax and chill. Every corner in the place is designed to be an art piece. It is meant for people who is a foodie, art, and great for photo shooting, too!

Why the name Walnut?

The name Walnut is inspired by the wood material of the tables that they use. Walnut is one of the most strong, hard and durable woods that is great for doing table top. It has excellent woodworking qualities and each table in our place has different wood texture and uniquely designed for sale.

With the top-notch presentation on its interior designing, let’s go into their amazing and varied amount of food that we were blessed to try with!
Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta, RM 33.80

This vibrant colour of a dish is certainly an attractive one as it is delicious with the taste. Comes with a mixed seafood of fresh prawns, la la, and juicy squids that will enrich your palette. Drizzled down with homemade chilli powder to give it that edge of adventure to your taste buds with a hint of sweet basil. Certain Aglio Olio pasta will be filled with an overwhelming amount of dripping olive oil but not for this case. You have just the right adequate of olive oil so it won’t taste greasy. As for the seafood, it offers a freshness taste to it and a generous amount too. You can always request for more chilli powder if you want that kick of spiciness to your meal (highly recommended). 
Crunchy SeaBass Burger, RM 32.80

When you’re eating and you could instantly feel the crunch from the bite, you know it’s a super yummy meal. That’s what happened with this beast of a meal. It’s a fish burger with bar share focaccia served together with crispy sea bass, tomatoes sliced, cucumber sliced, green coral and french fries. This huge portion of burger certainly satisfied my grumbling tummy. The sea bass offers a retrospective into an unconventional meal of just chicken burger. Fish burger is highly recommended here as it’s not only crunchy, but succulent juices taste you get from the fish, and the greens you have, just instantly brings a whole new wonderful taste to it. A must try with your friends!

Shake it Shake it #WingSkewered

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Skeward Wings, RM 39.80

Behold the holiest of thy chicken wings because it’s the bomb of a starter! It’s a chargrill skeward wings with the whole wings and it’s a huge portion, to begin with. Can be shared with about three to four person. Honestly, this is probably one of the most Insta-worthy moments I’ve been wanting to show off to my friends. Not only that, the chicken meat is tender that you want more. However, be mindful of the sharp edges where the chicken meat is being hanged. Make sure you take the skewer off first and then consume this starter dish for a happier memory of the food. In terms of quality wise, the standard is set pretty high up as the flavour and the hospitality from the staff member to ensure you have a great dining experience is well kept.
Signature Platter, RM 128.80

The biggest beast of them all, the Signature Platter. The smell that accompanied from the kitchen to our table is almost so addictive. In this meal, which can be shared from 4 to 8 people, comes with fried squid, prawns, scallops and clam with chilli paste(Asam Pedas).

The presentation to this meal is so spectacular for a photo capture. It is gifted with lots of colours to the dish and well-placed seafood right smack in the middle of the plate surrounding by fresh salad and lemons. Advisable to squeeze the lemon on the dishes to get that quirky and refreshing taste to the meal. For the seafood, what I love the most about it is the generous portion they serve with the Asam Pedas raving on top of it. It reminds me of the chilli paste that the Portuguese Settlement in Melaka seafood has. It certainly came on par with this platter. Simply mouth-watering. MUST TRY!

Lemongrass White Tea, RM 18.90

Order this barrel of refreshing tea to wash down the food away. It simply puts you in a relaxing mode right after a satisfying meal. Served for 2 pax.  

Walnut Cafe & Bar is such a big hit that few celebrities and social media influencers love coming over to this place for an enjoying night with friends and family.

For those who drive, they have their own valet service just outside of their premise and also is available for private hire. Truly achieving excellent customer service skills, balanced food and F&B knowledge. This is what you call a pef

Come here:

Address: G-10, Ground Floor, Tower 4&5, PFCC, Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100, Puchong.

Contact: 03-8052 6607

Social Media: walnutcafebar Instagram / Walnut Cafe Facebook

Business Hours: 11AM – 1AM


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