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Western Style Vacay In Australia

by Natasha Christopher

Explore the nature side of Australia when social media influencer, QiuWen recalls her story and experience of her favourite vacation places.

Australia is truly a gem in the land down under. There’s nothing like the wonders of the beautiful creation of God’s nature, exotic animals, the stunning sky view, and also the amazing food and friendly people you get to meet. To capture all of this, we asked Social Media Influencer Qiu Wen to list down on some of the marvellous and adventurous journeys she went while on vacation in the Western Australia part.

Gnomesville, Western Australia

My Disney dream came true when I finally got to this fairytale of a place. The dwarf village presents all kinds of colourful, and sizes of the gnomes and some were just too cute not to take a picture with. They are all, in fact, made from all manner of artificial materials – wood, plastic, plaster, ceramic, metal and just about anything that you can use to create a statue.

Every gnome here tells a different story. Some of the gnomes helping others to build a house, families laughing with each other, some peeking at you, and you can even see a gathering of gnomes where they are up to no good.

What is so mysterious about this place is the fact that you won’t find this place “officially” on any map. It’s not listed in the Australia Bureau of Statistics. The journey is about an hour drive from Bunbury or Wellington Mills, which is south of Perth and located in Ferguson Road in an Australian bush.

Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia
The distance from Perth is about 4-5 hours away. As you walk into this magnificent place, you will come across prehistoric rock formation. I was so marvelled at the size and shape, as it has eroded by the weather over millions and millions of years. The outcome, in the end, just simply makes you want to stare at it the whole day. Plus, the shape of the whole wave differs at night.  If you climb further to the top, you get to enjoy the view of the surrounding farmland, shiny salmon gum-forests, and the beautiful salty scrubby bush.

Lavender Tea House Cape Lavender Tea House

You can find everything lavender here! From a wide range of lavender skin care products, Aromatic handmade and even purple colour cubs dolls. There are many types of things that you can buy here. Not to mention the warm and cosy feeling you’ll get once you enter.
You can enjoy the famous traditional Devonshire Teas, with a choice of homemade scones, fruit preserves with a hint of lavender and double whipped cream, or a cup of their locally roasted coffee. As for me, the weather in Australia at that time was very hot so I wanted to thirst myself with a cold drink. I ordered the ice kiki and milkshake. It has a creamy texture and just the perfect balance of sweetness to beat the heat! You have free parking too. Located in Cnr Caves & Canal Rocks Road, Yallingup.

Tin Horse Highway

If you come here and not smitten by the creation that they have to offer here, this is certainly not for you. However, if you in need of a laugh pose beside the horses, this is the place for you. What started as an authentic community marketing campaign to promote the annual Kulin Bush Races has become one of Western Australia’s most popular self-drives. The Tin Horse Highway provides a seriously entertaining drive and a fun alternative route to the iconic Wave Rock.
qiu wen 1
While I was there, there’s also a variety of exotic and stylish tin created by local farmers and at the same time showing everyone their own farm too along the road. They are so friendly and was very welcoming towards me to take lots of pictures while I was there.

The Pinnacles

This is one place everyone should be making a pitstop to! One of Australia’s best kept secrets in Nambung National Park. Centred on the town’s of Cervantes, Jurien Bay and Leeman, this destination features the World Famous Pinnacles Desert, a diversity of wildflowers, unique fauna, pristine beaches, and amazing seafood too.
qiu wen
The Pinnacle, specifically, contains thousands of limestone Pinnacles and some up to 5 meters high. It produced by the windblown calcium carbonate which was the combination of wind, rain and the cementing agent of calcium. Today, the surface of the earth becomes a pillar of stones that becomes the natural spectacle of tourist and worldwide.

These and the many other wonderful creations from Western Australia paints the reason for there’s nothing like Australia.

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