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Flora Lee Stands in The Middle of Lang Tengah Island

by Natasha Christopher

Who knew diving at night can be so fascinating as well as interacting up close with the marine creature? Flora Lee Mei Yun tells us how she feels in Lang Tengah, Terengganu. 

Malaysia is known for its phenomenal and stunning island getaways together with the nature that sways you to the beat. Flora Lee Mei Yun, a social media influencer dives with the turtles during the day, lie on the beach in the afternoon, snorkel in the night to find blue sand and watch the stars together in the early morning. She gives us a look into this beautiful island located in Terengganu.
Want to be a mermaid and swim with all the marine life and explore the world of the ocean? I finally got my wish come true when I successfully completed in getting a license in scuba diving!

Lang Tengah Island which is also known as the Maldives of Malaysia and worth mentioning that it has recently been promoted by China’s top ten TV platform, Tongcheng Travel Network too!

I stayed in the beautiful and affordable stay in Summer Bay Resort for four days and three nights. Plus, with a package of going to three different islands to go diving. The best thing about staying here is the fact that the resort management has already arranged my trip whilst my vacation on this island. Since we are here, you only need to pack a few pieces of clothing the day before you leave and of course, just set foot on your way to the sun, beach, the sea. Perfect weather and vibe for me.

omg they’re so cute and friendly 😍😍😍

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The first day itself, I got to meet the turtles. Don’t be afraid of this turtles appears right up close to you because they are friendly sea turtles and it will open up your mind to the underwater scenery and the need to save this wonderful species altogether.

After all that is done, I decided to jump into the swimming pool of Summer Bay Resort which has the standard length of the Olympic Peak Pool. Best to enjoy with a group friends on a lazy afternoon.

At night, it’s my quest to hunt the blue and at night and also to be serenaded by the stars at night. As I reached to the destination, standing on the bridge and to be able to be able to witness the blue crystal flashing, it is like the glittery stars are falling onto the sea. Simply speechless by how magnificent this entire view was. The feel of the starry sky reminds me back to my childhood moments when my sister and I used to go to the top of the mountain to see the stars. Such a nostalgic night!

For the second day, I fulfilled my island vacation activity which is lying in a rocking hammock under the shade of the tree, holding coconut water on my left and a novel in my right hand. Ahhhh, bliss! There’s nothing more therapeutic than spending a short and quiet afternoon with that. That is until the cool blue waters come to you amidst the hot weather. Fun now begins!

What’s an island vacation if you have not feasted on the enticing seafood here. Fresh, sweet, appetizing and sweet shrimps with the healthy and crispy mushroom stir-fried Sudong. Ordered the lala, and crab too which added me more energy to go snorkelling at night.
The evening activities offered by Summer Bay Resort is certainly a big play to my experience here in Lang Tengah. They will arrange a coach to accompany to the water and also a simple explanation on what are the do’s and don’ts of diving at night as they take the safety here very seriously. After the briefing is done, we dived into the underwater. Since it’s at night, the creatures on the bottom of the sea can be seen during the night. I’ve witnessed cute baby shark, chubby puffer fish, and a little octopus. I highly recommend going for this activity.
If you would love to deep dive but you do not have a permit for it, you can always register for their “deep diving experience” and Summer Bay Resort will arrange to accompany you one-on-one five!

If you don’t want to dive into the sea, you can row, row, row your boat gently down the stream! Enjoy the feeling of being driven by the sea breeze and the crystal waters. Moreover, take a pitstop at the long bridge along your rowing which is connected to the sea to enjoy the sunset.

That’s practically some of the fun activities that I will take to my most memorable experiences on an island.

To summarise, here’s a big fun reminder for you all.

After 24 hours after deep dive, you can’t take a plane to go back home due to the altitude of both transportations. The best deep diving activity time is the next morning after arrival.

In order to protect the marine ecological environment, do not apply sunscreen and make-up when going to the sea.

The itinerary will change according to the weather. You can go directly to the notice board in the lobby to get to know the activity of the day.

Summer Bay Resort also offers snorkelling equipment rental services.

Flora Lee Mei Yuen love to travel to some of the most exotic places and does adventurous activities. Follow her on social media to know where she is heading to next!

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