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What’s Your Summer Style Like?

by Natasha Christopher

We spoke to some of the most stylish people in the streets and what defines them when it comes to their fashion sense.

Summer vibes! Ahhhhh what a time to be alive. It’s the holiest of holy season when it comes to fashion sense. Time to kick out and be wild and crazy with your outfits. Like for example, one of the biggest events and parties are held during the summer and you can see celebrities wearing or portraying a new style for that season like Coachella, Good Vibes Festival, snd various concerts. 

When it comes to Malaysia, every day is summer for us. There is no difference in that matter alone. However, for this four individual that we’ve met, it’s always about being stylish, comfortable and feeling confident in your own skin regardless of the weather conditions. Let’s take a look at what they have to say. 
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Joseph Chong, Brands Communications Executive

He works in a well-known sports and retail industry here in Malaysia and you can probably say his style is highly influenced by street style and sporty outfits.

Describe your day-to-day style?

It’s minimal, but with a good mix of street fashion and comfortable sporty attire.

What three items that you must have in your wardrobe?

First up it has to be a good pair of jeans, my Converse 70’s Chuck Taylors, and a nice piece of Oxford shirt.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to fashion?

My inspiration is from like the owner of a menswear company, John Elliot and Eugene Tong. Any inspirations would have to be anyone who dons the brand of Carhartt which is a company known for its work clothes such as jackets, coats, overalls and moreover. I look up to them as I’m a huge fan of the brand Carhartt. I even told my friends that it would be a dream to be able to work for Carhartt.

Number one rule you can’t tolerate into your fashion style?   

I couldn’t see myself putting on an outfit that could classify me as a full-on hypebeast. What this means is when someone refers to a person who only buys shoes that popular and cool and it’s somewhat of an insult. Personally, I wouldn’t tolerate going out looking that way.

Instagram: josephcky

Maruxa Lynd

Maruxa Lynd, Singer/Writer

Hails from the Philippines, she is one tough cookie when it comes to risque fashion but with an edge of comfortable style. As she is working in a lifestyle based company, it pushes her to try on new trends that fit her tone of style.

Describe your day-to-day style?

Sporty and Street

What are the three items that you must have in your wardrobe?

Bomber jackets, sweatpants or high waisted pants and a must have for me is an oversized shirt. I like being comfortable so I like donning the sporty street look.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to fashion?

I’ve got a lot of people that I look up to when it comes to that department but my all time favourite would have to fashion icon and music mogul, Rihanna.

Number one rule you can’t tolerate in your fashion style?

I can’t stand dullness. Plus, also when people follow mannequin’s style so much so that it looks like they just took it from the doll. I always believe in playing around with different outfits and styling based on your comfortability. Don’t succumb to societal “mainstream” fashion sense.

Instagram: mrxlnd

Ng Pui Hwa

Can never have too much of red during the ching chong festive 🏮

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Ng Pui Hwa, Physiotherapist

Who says being in the medical line, you can’t be fashionable too? Pui Hwa is here to show us all that you still can help people around but also dress up and be confident.

Describe your day-to-day style?

My style leans more towards chic, elegant and comfortable. I like vibrant colours so, at times when my outfit is plain, I would add some striking colours such as to pair it with shoes, earrings, necklace and so on. Nothing will go wrong with a splash of bold colour.

What are the three items that you must have in your wardrobe?

A black dress is a must for me because it’s suitable for every occasion, either casual or for an event in the evening. Secondly, a denim jacket to pair it up with almost everything and easy to match. Giving me the casual yet edgy look. Lastly, leggings/culottes is always a lifesaver for me when it’s a lazy day for me. It goes well with every top and is guaranteed comfortability.

Who are your inspiration when it comes to fashion?

It has to be Bellywellyjelly (christable) and American fashion and beauty vlogger, Jenn Im. I’m in love with how they carry out their fashion in such an effortless and elegant way.  

Number one rule you can’t tolerate in your fashion style?

Showing of cameltoe in tights.

Instagram: puihwaaa 

Amos Quek
Amos Quek, Aspiring Model and Actor

As he needs to be in an industry where making great first impressions is important and developing his own sense of style, Amos is here to tell us on his classy look to his fashion style.

Describe your day-to-day style?

I’d go for a more comfortable yet classy style. This includes in me being dapper all the time. Dressing in a neat, trim appearance almost going towards a casual smart outfit. My go-to colours are normally anything shade of blue or navy, white and black. I loved floral patterns too but of course not too colourful as it would overpower the other small details of style that I embody too.

What are the three items that you must have in your wardrobe?

Need black and blue jeans or chino shorts. Next, plains t-shirts, polo and long sleeve shirts are the most important need in my wardrobe. All the shirts would be white, black, grey, maroon or navy green once in awhile as these are the colours where it’s just the right fit, and would bring out the sharpness and professionalism in me. Lastly, accessories are a must. Specifically, a watch and bracelet ring. It all also depends on my mood, place and also the occasion.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to fashion?

It would have to be the actor, Jose Zuniga, Magic Fox a.k.a Daniel, and TV Presenter, Marco Ferri.   

Number one rule you can’t tolerate in your fashion style?

In my opinion, ripped jeans are fine with me but when the holes cut of the jeans is bigger, it looks like a pothole,  that’s where the line is off with me. It doesn’t suit me nor anyone to be honest.

Instagram: a_qxh

Tell us more on your summer fashion that you would love to share!



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