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From New York to Malaysia, FujiYama Japanese Restaurant Is A Must Try!

by Natasha Christopher

Owners, Fuji and Yama started this adventure in one of the biggest and delicious food capital in the world, New York. Since then, they have branched out to few states in America. To go back to their roots here in Malaysia, FujiYama Japanese Restaurant officially opened its doors to the public four years ago.  
fujiyama outlook 2
One of the reasons why they brought their famous sushi dishes to Malaysia is because co-owner and chef Mr Fuji’s family are living here and he wants every Malaysian to have a sense of fusion taste of the Japanese art in food. The restaurant back in the States receive a good amount of attention and is highly popular among the locals there.

From left is owners of FujiYama Japanese Restaurant, Mr Fuji and the right is Mr Yama

From left are owners of FujiYama Japanese Restaurant, Mr Fuji and the right is Mr Yama

“We want to have a mixture of different ingredients in a dish that pops the flavours out and gives the customers a exciting taste to their pallette.” said Mr Fuji.  

When it comes to Japanese food, the owners want to create a different approach to these kinds of food. In FujiYama Japanese Restaurant, they normally don’t serve soy sauce wasabi as all the required flavour are already in the dish itself. Adding more wasabi to an already added in the dish could potential overpower all the other flavours. With their signature fusion cooking and a twist of yummy in their food, this restaurant has acquired a lot of regular customers and good reviews. The six dishes we tasted were the chef’s speciality.
Salmon belly osaka 1
Salmon Belly Osaka Sushi, RM 26.80

Undoubtedly the restaurant’s best seller dish here to date. About 95% of the customers here grew to love this sushi. It features a salmon belly Osaka with sushi rice in garlic and onion flavour that is topped with caviar. The right way of eating it is just eating one salmon belly roll sushi in one bite (there are four pieces). From there you can taste all of the flavours with a burst of joy and be wanting more after. You can get an essence of the thick, juicy meat from the salmon belly, herbs and just the right amount of sweetness so you can relish all of the high quality of the dish. The best part is where the caviar just adds the final crunch to perfect it out. One of the other reasons why it is such a popular dish is due to its five stars presentation skills. Making it an Insta-worthy shot!

fuji volcano roll 1
Fuji Volcano Roll, RM 25.80 (Full Roll)

You’ll be on a roll of a heat of spicy, a dash of herbs and a variety of meat base items in this one. Comes with a crab stick mix and cucumber wrapped with sushi rice that is topped with scalp & prawn in spicy garlic sauce. It is cooked in an oven and then be put on top of a sushi roll so when you receive the dish, it’s fresh, warm and just nice to savour in this roll. It’s basically a symphony of many different types of ingredients to leave you craving for more.

fusion mango waikiki 2
Fusion Mango Waikiki, RM 25.80 (Full Roll)

This may seem like an odd combination when fruit and sushi meet and trust me, this fusion mango waikiki leaves you feeling fresh and satisfied as a customer. In this, you have fresh salmon meat and cucumber fried meat in a sushi rice with fresh mango and topped off with a signature sauce by the chef himself which is the honey wasabi sauce. When I first looked at it, I was a little bit sceptical as a mixture of mango and meat in one bite seems impossible but then when I consumed it, I realized why this was one of the chef’s recommendation. It oozes the right sweetness of the sauce to match with the freshness of the mango and the meat. It will surprise your palette!

new york roll 1
New York Roll, RM 28.80

Regarded as the best seller in New York’s FujiYama Japanese branch restaurant. Americans love french fries a lot and so with this dish, they incorporated a potato-based sushi roll. You have snow crab, tempura chicken, cream cheese wrapped with sushi rice and deep fried potato strips with chef’s signature sauce. The whole dish is crispy as the potato strips are the main star of the presentation of the dish together with a rainbow looking five different sauces. According to the chef, he wants every dish to come out vibrant and colourful.

garlic seafood fried rice 1
Garlic Seafood Fried Rice, RM11.80

Not only does FujiYama Japanese Restaurant serve just Japanese cuisine alone but also western food and Asian dishes. The one that we got is a famous Japanese style fried rice. If you are afraid of bad breath with the garlic, fret not as it’s doesn’t overpower the whole taste. The generous portion of the seafood with the garlic taste is just the right fit for a lunch or dinner.

shrimp martini 1
Rock Shrimp Martini, RM 22.80

There’s no alcohol in this but comes with a delicious and fresh tasting shrimp tempura with spicy creamy sauce in a martini glass with the chef’s wasabi and mango sauce. It is finished off with crispy mango and cucumber and a dash of caviar for added taste. It’s very easy to eat as the shell is eatable and gives a generous portion although it is in a martini glass. The sauce goes excellently well in this case. Just the right touch of creamy that blends well with all of the other ingredients.

FujiYama Japanese Restaurant prioritizes maintaining high-quality food and five stars presentation skills to make sure every customer is happy and satisfied.

Address: No. 21, Jalan SS 21/60 Damansara Utama

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Contact: 03-7732 6691

Business Hours: Daily 11AM – 12am


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