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Reuniting Friends In All Things Pork

by Natasha Christopher

If you love anything that has to do with pork, pork and the best frosty beer in Puchong, time for you to dine and drink in Freond Tavern.


In the heart of one of Puchong most happening spots lies Setiawalk. If you walk around, you’ll notice a cute picture of a pork located just right outside of the restaurant. When we stepped in Freond Tavern, you would not believe the gem of a food they have to offer there.

Opened about two and a half years ago in Setiawalk, the owners of Freond Tavern are planning on increasing their outlets to most parts of Malaysia. The director of the company, Mr Ethan recommends to all their customers to try their frosty beer as it’s the number one beer in Puchong that comes at a reasonable price. Most of this food is best paired with beer or wine.

If you’re coming here during lunch hour, worry not as they have a set lunch serve every day from 11:30 am to 3 pm that comes with free beverages. Plus, if you’re opting for something stronger like coffees, just add RM 3 and you can get your fix of latte, mocha, or even cappuccino.


Freond Tavern is the place to be at for a porky goodness and all German concept dishes. Taking its name from the Old English word for old friends, Freond Tavern offers a varied menu sprinkled with porcine flavours within rustic wood and steel restaurant. Airy interiors accented by oxblood walls set the scene as platters of the restaurant’s signature German pork knuckles, pork burgers (highly recommended), pork on fire (our favourite) and many more are placed on the tables for patrons to dig into. Oh, make sure you try their amazing and fit for the soul of a beer after a hearty meal as well as their non-alcoholic beverages that for sure would quench parched throats.

We were warmed up with an appetizer meal with two eyes looking at us. I meant the Freond Egg Benedict. It’s a double poach egg on toast with baguette bread sprinkled with a dash of paprika and mayo hollandaise for the sauce if you need extra taste. As you slice through the runny eggs, it oozes out nothing but perfection. This is a simple dish that one would be better eaten as breakfast or nothing too heavy.
Price: RM 17.90
Next, if you’re looking for an option of heavy breakfast at an affordable price, do not hesitate to order the Freond Breakfast. The variety that you have in one plate is immensely fulfilling to the tummy. There’s sunny egg, German pepper sausages, ham, hash brown, mushroom, red beans and toast bread. What a great start to your day, right? The crispiness of the hash brown topped with the juicy meat of the sausage just made this dish a stunner on its own. Be sure to mix it all up and dip it into the egg yolk for a balanced flavour.

Price: RM 20.80

Bring out the big boys out with I’m On Fire dish that you’ll be sure to call 911 because of how litt it is. Perhaps, Insta-worthy videos to show off to your friends too! It’s one of Freond’s special pork shoulder that is meticulously plated with flavourful sesame sauce and sides of broccoli and carrots. What makes this a special food that to the point you’ll be whipping out your smartphones to record every single detail here is the fire burning on the pork shoulder itself. It fires up for about 30 seconds or less so be sure to not miss it! Now, when it comes to the taste of the food, I swear by the moon and the stars that this is one of the best pork shoulders I’ve tasted before. Not to mention, the complexity of the sesame sauce that goes together with the pork meat is sensational on the taste buds and satisfying. All we can say is, worth it!

Price: RM 30.90


Lastly, we were served with the biggest beast of them all, the Freond Platter. Before I name what they have on the platter, I reckon you take a deep breath before proceeding to the next sentence. Ready? In this platter, you have a combination of pork rib, lamb cutlet, chicken chop, pigs in the blanket, grilled salmon, Aglio Olio spaghetti, corn and ratatouille (stewed vegetable dish).

Words cannot describe how tender, juicy and smooth of a criminal their pork rib is. Simply cooked with lots of love and happiness to their customer. The other meat and fish dish also is soul-satisfying and brings sensory of happy thoughts to you. Aglio Olio spaghetti is just the perfect setting for this platter also because it balances out the other rich taste in other dishes. This platter is not for the faint of heart and can be shared with two to three friends.

Price: RM 126.80

There’s also a promotion where you can enjoy 15% discount on Freond Platter and Chu-Chu Platter. Plus, must try their frosty beers here as it’s one of the bestseller drinks here!

Plus, there are new platters for this month that is available too!

From counterclockwise (most right)

From counterclockwise (most right)

1kg New York Sticky Spare Ribs With Side Dishes – RM 128.00

Bavarian Mix Grill Platter with Grilled Sausages and Lamb – RM 85.00

Parmachick Burger – RM 16.80

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-06 at 12.01.24
The selection of drinks is Carlsberg extra cold draught, Connors Stout, and Kronenbourg Blanc.

Address: Blok G-3A-G, Setiawalk Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, Puchong

Contact: 03-5879 7095

Opening Hours: Everyday, 12pm -12am

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