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Raj’s Banana Leaf Bangsar Business Closes Temporarily By Authorities

by Natasha Christopher

Oh boy, it doesn’t look good for a place that was once celebrated for its glorious Mamak food and Indian food cuisine. Yes, I’m sure you all would have seen a video of the staff in Raj Banana Leaf Bangsar washing the dishes with a mud water. Have a look at yourself!

The video sparked outrage and utter disgust among the netizens on social media. In the statement given by the restaurant on their Facebook page, many angry customers were quick to give their opinion on this matter in the comment section.

The apology statement issued by Raj Banana Leaf citing that the workers involved in the video were “newly recruited staffs”.


Of course looking at the angry emoji’s overpowering the likes, made people angrier.

Some commented;

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Others, just expressing how angry and disgust they are;

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True enough today morning, according to The Star TV, authorities have stepped in Raj’s Banana Leaf restaurant in Bangsar. Health inspectors, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL), have arrived at the scene and face closure for the time being while they investigate further on this issue.

I’ve worked in the Food and Beverages line as a part-time waitress for a year before while studying, and even then, I would ensure to maintain a hygienic and clean working environment by wearing gloves, tying my hair up, no nail polish and also to regularly wash my hands. Simply because you got to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You wouldn’t want someone to serve you food without the waitress washing their hands after throwing the rubbish out,  ain’t you?

It was just a bad day for Raj’s Banana Leaf. At least, this could be a learning lesson for other restaurants and other eateries to ensure cleanliness is the highest of their priority and owners should be aware of educating their staff about personal hygiene too!

Let’s just wait and see what happens, of course, we hope nothing but the best for Raj’s Banana Leaf restaurants!

That is just our 2Cents!


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