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Pizza Hut Brings The Ramadan Mood With The Madu Padu Pizza

by Nicolas See Tho

Pizza Hut dives into Ramadan by launching a special treat for
Malaysians; the Madu Padu pizza. This all-new innovation celebrates togetherness, by bringing Malaysians from all walks of life together to enjoy the sweetness of kinship among friends and family this festive period.

As a brand that sees families come through its doors every day to enjoy a great pizza experience, Pizza Hut believes in fostering great family values. This festive season, Pizza Hut wants Malaysians – regardless of race, faith and background – to come together and spend time not just with their usual lepak crowd but to also reconnect with the people they’ve lost touch with over the years. When people get together and strengthen kinship with one another, Pizza Hut believes that all good things done during this festive season will be multiplied.

“In our busy schedules today, we get too caught up in our daily lives that we sometimes lose touch with our family and friends. Having said that, it’s never too late to reconnect with the ones you care about. We hope that the launch of the new Madu Padu by Pizza Hut gives Malaysians a sweet reason come together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate kinship with one another. When we do this, naturally all the good things during this festive season will be doubled,” says Merrill Pereyra, Chief Executive Officer of QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd. Merrill elaborates, “While Pizza Hut has great offerings this festive season with the delicious Madu Padu pizza, we want to remind people that it is more than just about food but rather, about the people we experience food with. I’ve always found joy in strengthening bonds with people I already know and also rekindling relationships with my long-lost friends. We hope that when people dine-in at Pizza Hut, their experience doesn’t just fill their appetites but also fills their hearts and souls.”

The Madu Padu pizza is loaded with chicken bites, tasty diced cheese and topped with a unique twist – special honey drizzle and crispy tortilla. These ingredients have been carefully selected and the flavours crafted to harmoniously come together, creating an extraordinary taste that
will surely tantalise Malaysians’ taste buds.

The Pizza Hut Madu Padu pizza is available in two Dine-in combos: Madu Padu Special for 2 to 3 pax and Madu Padu Special for 4 to 5 pax that are priced reasonably at RM52.70 and RM94.50.
These combos provide the options of appetizers, garlic bread/ tortilla ayam BBQ or mushroom soup, honeydew pudding and drinks depending on the combo chosen. Pizza Hut also offers four Madu Padu takeaway or delivery combos namely Madu Padu Big Box, Madu Padu Combo 1, Madu Padu Combo 2 and Madu Padu Double Box priced at RM63.00, RM38.90, RM57.90 and RM38.00 respectively.

In the spirit of giving back during Ramadan, Pizza Hut is also offering the Madu Padu Double Box CSR, priced at RM38.50, with the additional RM0.50 going to the ‘Hut to Heart’ initiative. The donation will go to helping cancer patients get the treatment they need, with the objective to minimise cancer cases in Malaysia by empowering more Malaysians to live a healthier and
happier life.

This limited-edition pizza will be available* at selected stores nationwide from now till 14 July 2018, through dine-in, delivery and take-away.

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