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A Beer A Day Takes The Pain Away?

by Natasha Christopher

Beers can help take the edge off on a rough day and that explains people spending their Fridays and weekends drinking their way with a nice cold beer to kickstart their off days. As for me, nothing like having a cold beer with your best friends, after a scrumptious meal and the best of all, pairing it up with a mouthwatering bowl of mutton peratal (dry mutton curry)! Trust me, every beer lover swears by this pairing, to be the one that will make you feel you’re on cloud 9. No kidding! While some agree to the beer being the best medicine but it has its own hiccups too if one abuse the usage of drinking beer.

Here are the top three cons that are bad for you;


Beer Belly 

How annoying can drinking beer be, right? Those who are conscious of their waistline, beer may not be there greatest drink for you as it is hard to get rid of and is stubborn. I’ve tried an experiment for myself to stop drinking beer for two weeks and I’ve lost three inches off my waistline and I don’t feel so bloated. You all should try and you’re welcome!


Impairment of the mind 

Of course, beer is an alcohol. If consumed over your limit, you’ll likely be drunk or even worse, you cannot see things straight. This is a serious problem when it comes to drinking and driving on the road. How bad is it you ask? According to Home Ministry statistics between 2010 and 2015, a total of 1,035 road accidents were recorded due to the influence of alcohol, which resulted in 618 deaths. There’s always a sober friend that can send you back home or make use of the Grab or Taxi services. NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!


Putting on more weight

I am sure most of you are guilty of going on a drinking beer spree and end up sitting down at a local mamak shop at 3am just to gauge down on more food? Beer contains Alcohol and Alcohol can cause blood sugar levels to drop more rapidly. That can stimulate your appetite, and disrupt your ability to tell when you’ve had enough to eat. If consumed beer at a right amount, you won’t be wanting to eat supper.

Who says beer needs to be all bad?

Here are some of the best things about drinking beer!


Sleeping agent 

Insomniac person? Great news! Beer has lactoflavin and nicotinic acid, which are both present in beer, that can promote sleep! Of course, there’s a difference between being sleepy when you’re drunk and easily can sleep feeling sober after drinking.


Boosting up your memory

Though this may work for you or not, however, scientific studies prove otherwise. According to a new study by the University of Exeter, people who drink alcohol after studying information are better at remembering what they’ve learnt.  Beer drinkers are also less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia than non-beer drinkers. Ayyy, sounds like a great idea to start drinking beer, eh?


Decreased in Kidney Stones 

Realised why you often pee so much after just drinking a mug of beer? This is most likely secondary to the hydration from the beer that makes you want to consume water right after drinking lot of beer and thus has regular, if not, frequent urinary system. So if you want to avoid the extreme pain associated with kidney stones, grab a couple of brews and drink to stone-free days ahead.


Let’s look at the top 10 countries who drink the most beers.

When it comes to drinking the most beers, nothing compares to the Czech people. Here is the list;


  1. Czech Republic
  2. Poland
  3. Germany
  4. Austria
  5. Lithuania
  6. Croatia
  7. Ireland
  8. Latvia
  9. Slovenia
  10. Romania

Have a responsible and safe drinking after this 🙂

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