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A Year of Colourful Desserts

by Natasha Christopher

Softsrve Mini opened in Pavillion for about a year now and it has been providing frozen sweetness since then! It’s definitely one of the quickest grab-and-go dessert shops to fulfil your sweet tooth! 

Softsrve has been around putting smiles on everyone’s faces with their artisan ice cream parlour that specialises in creating unusual soft ice cream flavours and experiences. It’s one of the most successful desserts places to indulge in that would be perfect for a meeting up session with your close friends or simply enjoying the company of your loved ones.

The first main Softsrve shop they set up was in the heart of Damansara Uptown. Business was thriving well, serving sweet tooth enthusiasts and they had expanded to a new outlet in Sri Petaling Jaya. Both places serve delicious waffles, toasts, parfaits, kakigori, and the additional coffee and teas.

Now, this ice cream dessert place has spread its wings to another new concept store at Pavillion Elite or Pavillion new wing known as Softsrve Mini which is located at Level 1. Another way is to go to  Brands Outlet of Fahrenheit 88 mall that is a new underpass walkway that you’ll instantly be able to spot Softsrve Mini!

Softsrve started when the founding team that consists of four people namely Terrance Tea, Emily Chong, Redmond Ho and Jack Liau came across the rising trends of creating unique ice cream flavours in other countries during their travels. So, they decided to bring what is popular in another country to their homeland here in Malaysia.

The Desserts!

Double Twist, RM 13.50

Get twice the burst of flavours and additional free and a variety of toppings to choose from when you order in their from scratch ice cream made.
There are four ice creams that you can choose to mix it with or you have the option of selecting only one. Here are the yummy flavours;

Peppermint Mint

This is a refreshingly cooling and minty that is for sure the perfect flavour on a hot day! (Well, when is Malaysia not hot, right?) This matches well with the superb Callebaut Dark Chocolate. 

Callebaut Chocolate

Mouth-filling and palate-gripping with a pleasingly thick and creamy finish. It’s dark bitter and goes well with some of their variety of hand-crafted toppings.

White Cream(Fior De Latte)

This is not a vanilla flavour instead it’s back to basics. Presents a high-quality fresh milk and cream that comes together to form an in-depth rich and creamy flavoured softserve with a silky texture. This is a new seasonal flavour from Softsrve. 

Roasted Oolongcha

Fragrant roasted black tea with a savoury and bittersweet finish. The tea is carefully soaked and infused into fresh milk sourced from a local farm. You will definitely love this if you’re an avid tea lover.

Peppermint Mint and Callebaut Chocolate

Peppermint Mint and Callebaut Chocolate

First ice cream we got was the Peppermint Mint and Callebaut Chocolate with toppings of a crunchy chocolate coated honeycomb and drizzle it off with chocolate sauce. It delivers a generous amount of ice cream and toppings too that is worth the price! The mint taste just burst out with a freshness of cooling mode that fits perfectly well with the chocolate flavoured twist.  

Roasted Oolong tea and White Cream

Roasted Oolong tea and White Cream

The second one we got was the Roasted Oolong Tea and White Cream. Best topped with sunflower seeds and an extra crunchiness and a pineapple flower that makes it an Insta worth shot to show off to your friends. You’ll love how the pleasant feeling of the tea somehow just calms you down except this time you’re savouring an ice cream. Yummy!

Best Seller combo: Callebaut Chocolate and Roasted Oolong Tea. 
You can opt for a single topping at RM 11.90 and Triple Toppings at RM14.40

Unicorn Poop, RM14.90

The Unicorn Poop

The Unicorn Poop

One of Softsrve Mini’s signature and famous ice cream are the Unicorn Poop. This vivacious dessert screams colour all the way. It has a popping candy, surrounded by candy floss. It kind of brings you back to the happy days where you’re in the theme park and cotton candy was the one thing everyone loved. You have the option of adding in all the four flavours as mentioned earlier. For our review, we had the White Cream flavour and a spark of popping candy as an additional topping. The candy floss can be overwhelming to eat as this dessert can be shared with two to three people.
For your information, Softsrve Mini is having a promotion in conjunction with their 1st anniversary. From RM5, you can have one flavour but with no toppings. Additional charges will be done if you want to top. Promotion starts on weekdays, 1 pm to 7 pm and weekends, 3 pm to 6 pm.

Softsrve launches different seasonal flavours every time so you won’t get bored by the same ice cream they serve here. Also, all Softsrve’s product, like ice-cream cones, are handmade every day with love and care.

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm
Address: TL1.108.00, Level 1, Pavilion Elite, Pavilion Mall, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang  

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