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Sense8 Trailer Reveals the Beginning Of The End

by Nicolas See Tho

After a two-season run, we all felt the loss when we heard the news that Sense8 would be cancelled, but with the huge support from the fans, at least we can get a sense of closure with the upcoming season finale of Sense8 which will be featured in a full film length platform.

What the announcement failed to mention was that the second season had ended on a decidedly pointed cliffhanger, with seven of the main characters rushing to save the eighth from the clutches of scientists who plan to experiment on him. Outraged at the cancellation news, fans mounted a renewal campaign on social media, and less than a month later, co-showrunner Lana Wachowski announced on Facebook that Netflix had greenlit a two-hour finale to wrap up the show’s loose ends.

The finale will arrive on Netflix on June 8th.

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