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New Ant-Man & Wasp Trailer Is Out

by Nicolas See Tho

Its here folks, the latest Marvel trailer for TheAnt Man & The Wasp is out and it is a sizeable chunk of information on what’s to come especially after the blockbuster that is Infinity War.

Returning to this movie is Scott Lang (who we last saw in Captain America: Civil War) and his compatriots Hope Van Dyne and her father Hank Pym (who we last saw in Ant-Man), and even Michael Peña’s Luis and his squad of burglars.

Image result for ant man ghost

The villain this time is Ghost played by Hannah John-Kamen which is a phase-shifting saboteur and hacker, while Ant-Man finally gets its partner with the Wasp. Michelle Pfeiffer also joins the cast as the original wasp, Janet Van Dyne which was presumed dead during the first movie.

From the scenes of the trailer, however, any hope of continuation from the Infinity War is quelled pretty quickly as it looks like the setting is set before the major event.

Ant-Man will premiere in theatres on July 6

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