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Where Are Malaysians Going This Labor Day?

by Nicolas See Tho

With multiple public holidays in May, Malaysians are taking advantage of a mini-break according to the latest research from global online booking platform agoda. The research reveals top ten destinations for Labor Day weekend where Kuala Lumpur tops the list for domestic travellers and is also within top ten for travellers across the region.

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Travel fever has hit Malaysians as three national public holidays and five more dates of the month slated as holidays in various states within the country. Many will take additional leave on the previous Monday before Labor Day that falls on Tuesday, 1 May, to round out their own mega four-day weekend, maximizing their time for travel.

Agoda research also shows Malaysians are more inclined to celebrate Labor Day in their own backyard by taking advantage of nearby cityscapes, beaches and historical culture. Langkawi (#3), Malacca (#4) and Penang (#5) all sit in the top five most favourite spots among Malaysians.

Ranking Destination
1 Kuala Lumpur
2 Bangkok, Thailand
3 Langkawi
4 Malacca
5 Penang
6 Seoul, South Korea
7 Taipei, Taiwan
8 Cameron Highlands
9 Hat Yai, Thailand
10 Kota Kinabalu

Top ten destinations for Malaysian travellers

Regionally, East Asian cities Tokyo (#1), Osaka (#3), Hong Kong (#4) and Taipei (#5) are the most popular destinations Asian travellers headed this Labor Day. Bangkok, world famous for its attractions as in shopping, dining and nightlife, is the only South East Asian capital that made it as runner-up while KL is placed eighth in the list.

Ranking Destination
1 Tokyo, Japan
2 Bangkok, Thailand
3 Osaka, Japan
4 Hong Kong
5 Taipei, Taiwan
6 Seoul, South Korea
7 Singapore
8 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
9 Bali, Indonesia
10 Kyoto, Japan

Top ten destinations for Asian travelers

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