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Jurassica Aims to Save the Earth with Interactive Activities

by Natasha Christopher

Jurassica is the next best thing for every children and parents!! Why? You’ll get to educate yourself on the existence of dinosaur and also help save the environment! How cool is that? Jurassica flagship resides in The Gardens Mall, Level 3 which recently held a celebration in conjunction with Earth Day.

So, what is Jurassica?

It is an edutaining prehistoric immersive experience that advocates planet conservation. You’ll be able to travel back millions of years to a neon-splattered prehistoric era. Also, join their mission-critical task force to understand and stop the harsh reality of earth’s impending sixth mass extinction.
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Their biggest collaborations will see a more informed public through talks and workshops with organisations like The Malaysian Nature Society, World Wildlife Fund and more! The best part about this is their newly launched initiative is the “Unplastic Program”. With the consumption of plastic at an all-time high, visitors may redeem one FREE ticket when they bring in 30 plastic bottles to Jurassica.

Here are some of the scary information that we’ve gotten during the launch on the dangers of plastic bottles loitering around;

  1. According to Star2.com,  Malaysia is 8th worst in the world for plastic waste.

2. Fewer than half of the bottles bought in 2016 were collected for recycling and just 7% of those collected were turned into new bottles. Instead, most plastic bottles produced end up in landfill or in the ocean.

3. Right now an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic – everything from plastic bottles and bags to microbeads – end up in our oceans each year. That’s a truckload of rubbish a minute. Greenpeace.org.uk.

4.  Separate studies from 2013 suggest as many as 50 percents of sea turtles are ingesting plastic at an unprecedented rate, and dying because of it.

5.  Shockingly, an estimated 98 percent of albatross studied are found having ingested some kind of plastic debris. Once the plastic has been ingested, it causes an obstruction in the digestive tract and can puncture internal organs.
Whale Art Installation in the Philippines
6. A Bryde’s whale found of the coast of Norway had 6 square meters of plastic sheeting inside its stomach. – The Telegraph, UK, Feb. 3, 2017

7. 83 percent of tap water around the world, is contaminated with microplastics. -Orb Media

Scary isn’t how our wildlife animals are suffering from our carelessness to keep our world a tidy one?

Datuk Jared

Datuk Jared, The Chairman of Tremendous Entertainment Group

The Chairman of Tremendous Entertainment Group has long been an advocate for both planet conservation and family edutainment. A family man himself; he understands the importance of nurturing a mindful and learned younger generation. He prides himself on creating and curating attractions that echo his own values.
Check out their programs coming up for this year!

Ticket Prices are as follows:


RM 48 (with MyKad)

RM58 (without MyKAD)


RM 58 (with MyKad)

RM 68 (without MyKad)

Here are some of the activities you and your children can take part too;

jurassica 1

The time is now to take a stand; before we lose our planet. So, come join them to save our planet Earth! Plus, there will be neon-coloured dinosaurs!


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