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BenQ Malaysia Announces The Arrival of Their New XL2740 e-Sports Monitor

by Natasha Christopher

ZOWIE XL2740 e-Sport monitor is the newest arrival of BenQ products. The XL2740 is a 27-inch PC  e-Sports monitor with native 240hz refresh rate version of XL2540 in 24.5-inch.
XL2740 is providing e-Sport players with the ability to look at 240hz refresh rate with big screen monitor. XL2740 is offering another option which they can shift according to their personal preference. Between, native 240hz refresh rate provides smooth evolution that captures the detail of every motion and players could enjoy the fluidness during the game-playing, it ensures a flawless view of fast motion and the consistency of dramatic transitions at all time.

XL2740 S-Switch 2

XL2740 S-Switch 2

View of the XL2740 from the back

View of the XL2740 from the back

Check out the amazing specification of XL2740 as stated:

  • 240Hz refresh rate
  • 1080p TN 27″ panel
  • PWM-free dimming and low-blue light modes
  • Detachable shield for distraction-free gaming
  • Newly redesigned S-Switch to quickly switch between modes
  • Black Equalizer for brighter shadows

This all-new XL2740 is selling at SRP RM2,699. It will be available on BenQ Official Brand Shop on LAZADA:  https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/benq-official-store/
For more information on the product news and launching information, please stay tuned to our social media for information regarding availability in your region.

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