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Embellish The Taste Of Chicken

by Nicolas See Tho

Chicken is a staple that we can’t live without, and among the many types of chicken, we thoroughly enjoy a good fried chicken. But besides the usual fast food joints and street stalls, what do we do if we want to get a blend of fried chicken that’s unique and taste just as delicious? Well, at NeNe Chicken, a popular Korean chicken fast food chain, we get our favourite dish with additional flavour choices.

At first glance, NeNe Chicken might look like your average fast food chain, but looking through the menu, one can say it is not that simple, as they have up to 4 different variants on their menu, whereby we tested them all to get a first-hand encounter on its taste. In addition to that, we were also given the opportunity to try out 2 special chicken dishes which have yet to be released.

The four available chickens you can order are the Original, Bulgogi Freaking Hot and Swicy Fried Chickens, each with their own signature seasoning and sauces. During our time there, we took to task the full array of assorted chicken and spices starting off with the original chicken flavour. The original blend was crispy and surprisingly less oily than the commercial fried chicken you would find on the mainstream market. The meat is juicy and tender, plus its skin has that crunchy texture that draws you in for more.

Moving on to the Swicy Fried Chicken, this chicken blend has a nice sweet and spicy sticky sauce that gives you that extra burst of flavour. The Bulgogi chicken, on the other hand, has a rather savoury flavour, adding that Korean touch to the meal, also it’s not something you get to eat on a daily basis. Our next blend got us sweating buckets as it was the Freaking Hot Fried Chicken, which was spicy, to say the least.


While at this point we were beginning to feel the tummy filling up, we went on to try the two upcoming chicken blends which were the Snowing Cheese Fried Chicken and the Snowing Vegetable Fried Chicken, which was unique as it was creamy to the tongue but crispy right after. Both provided the feeling you would get from comfort foods. The quest for chicken is an arduous one…

Besides these chicken servings, NeNe Chicken also provides burgers for those who prefer the classics, which also comes with a healthy dose of crispy chicken thigh meat to satisfy your meat cravings.

All in all, NeNe Chicken is a one-stop shop for all your fried chicken cravings, especially if you want to try something new. If you would like to get your hands on the closest NeNe chicken outlet, you would find it at Level 2, Starling Mall located in Uptown Damansara or at the Genting Highlands outlet. For more information on the pricing or the menu, please take a look at the images below:


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