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Man on the Curtain is Japanese Latest Invention To Prevent Less Crime

by Natasha Christopher

Tokyo is no doubt one of the safest cities in the world. It is ranked by Global Smart City Performance Index as the sixth secure place to stay in. Be that as it may, crime still do occurs especially targeted towards woman staying alone in an apartment. So, in order to feel safer, Japanese invented a system where you can project realistic shadows of moving men on window curtains to give the impression that they are not alone.

Leo Palace 21 has developed a “crime prevention projector kit” where you can simply connect to your smartphone to throw a life-like silhouette of a man on the window curtains. This should, in theory deter criminals from attempting to assault young women living by themselves.

Photo: Leo Palace 21

Photo: Leo Palace 21

This invention is not just some simple cardboard cutout or a mannequin. The ingenious system currently features 12 silhouette options which were actually created using real actors performing various routines. Users can choose from a guy lifting weights in front of the window, another practising martial arts or shadowboxing, and even one enthusiastically playing the guitar.

Man on the Curtain offers six hours of “man time” before any of the footage has to be repeated. Leo Palace 21 doesn’t have any further plans to make this invention commercially available in the near future but who knows, if this thing gets enough attention, we may be able to purchase it too!

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