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512GB Phones Are Coming And Huawei Might Be The First

by Nicolas See Tho

If you think that having 256GB storage on your mobile device is excessive, wait till you hear about whats coming next, 512GB storage smartphones. Talk about excessive spaces.

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A rumour has been going around stating that the next Huawei phone might have this capability and this is already higher than that of the recent iPhone X and it is even larger than some models of the MacBook Pro.

Samsung started to make 512GB drives for phones back in December. While we don’t know if that’s what Huawei is using, it’s clear that the trend of large storage phones has begun. Massive amounts of storage in phones is a lot of fun and will be particularly useful for recording 4K video since every three minutes of 4K footage takes up about 1GB. You’d now hypothetically be able to record a full day of 4K video with Huawei’s 512GB phone. Also, if you’ve ever been trapped somewhere with no Wi-Fi or books, you could just watch the 4K video like a movie marathon.

To give you a rundown on what 512Gb means to your device, here is a small comparative guide:


Movie Type Movie Size 512 GB
SD Movie from iTunes 1.5 GB 341
720p Movie from iTunes 4 GB 128
1080p Movie from iTunes 5 GB 102
DVD Rip (Pirated) 700 MB 731
Blue Ray Rip 720p (Pirated) 1 GB 512
Blue Ray Rip 1080p (Pirated) 3.5 GB 146


MP3 Size # of MP3’s
4MB 128,000
5MB 102,400
6MB 85,33
7MB 73,142
MP3 Size # of Albums
4MB 9,140
5MB 7,314
6MB 6,094
7MB 5,224


Megapixels File size (MB) 512GB
4MP 1.2 366,208
5MP 1.5 292,960
6MP 1.8 244,128
7MP 2.1 209,248
8MP 2.4 183,104
10MP 3.0 146,480
12MP 3.6 122,064
14MP 4.2 104,624
16MP 4.8 91,552
22MP 6.6 66,576


So does this get you excited for the future of smartphones?

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