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Google Lens Coming To All Android Phones Soon

by Nicolas See Tho

For those of you who already has Google Photos installed on your phones, soon you will be able to use the new Google Lens technology with your devices.

Google Lens senior Director of Product Aparna Chennapragada states “Lens is designed to make sense of the visual world”. Eventually, she hopes that Google’s visual search function could easily identify and annotate all objects, which sounds helpful but also slightly dystopian”.

Google Lens is a proprietary new technology that incorporates the Google Assistant into your photo-taking abilities. With the Google Lens, your phone camera can now scan things with the app to receive information such as to connect to a wifi or by activating a barcode. Phones models such as Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG, Motorola, and HMD/Nokia can access the Google Lens directly from the Google Assistant as well.


The rollout will be done in batches so do not expect your devices to receive the Lens option anytime soon.

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