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The Future Of Burger Flipping

by Nicolas See Tho

The advent of the AI age is here, and the future looks automated. AI creators in California has recently introduced one of their latest robots designed at taking away one of the most mundane jobs in the world, and that is flipping burgers, and the robot doing so is called Flippy.

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This robot uses image recognition and heat sensors to detect when to flip the burger. It can grill up to 12 burgers at any one time. This advance in technology means that future restaurants will see fewer human workers and more automated workers. The developers understand that this might mean there would be fewer jobs, but they have predicted that more jobs will be created in replacement although they have no idea yet as to what they may be.

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Flippy will be installed in 50 locations across Pasadena, California whereby it will be housed in a burger chain called CaliBurger. Each robot is costed at $60,000 and costs $12,000 to maintain each year. These robots bring in a new level of productivity as they won’t need to be trained and they can work long hours without complaint. The researchers are stating that it can only get smarter and smarter, but for now, Flippy can only flip the burgers and can’t serve them, so it’s safe to say that its still quite some ways to go before we see restaurants like those in the Jetsons.

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