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Fendi’s Fall/Winter Collection Raise the Bar in Fashion

by Natasha Christopher

For a romantic uniform in a woman’s world, the Fall/Winter 2018-19 Collection is a mirror of softness and strength. The lines of architecture are intertwined with wistful notions of urban femininity with an outdoor edge, in a palette of navy, black, moss green, camel, claret, ivory and blush pink.
FENDI FW2018 Look-33
FENDI FW2018 Look-38
A box shoulder creates a framework for capes -shoulder slips- and belted coats that fall with a planed sleeve, zipping open at the hip in a cascade of sunray pleating. Trompe l’oeil yoke details create delicate hybrids within a single garment. Tailoring fabrics define the city attitude of slim coats and skirt suits in Prince of Wales checks, grisaille wool and glazed canvas.
FENDI FW2018 Close-Up-42
FENDI FW2018 Close-Up-25
Pondering the simple elegance of a lady’s handkerchief, pleated silk dresses and scalloped blouses are adorned with needlepoint collars and encrusted lace. The diamond becomes a leitmotif in print, texture and construction, from FENDI argyle knitwear to plush intarsias and a dramatic latticework of beaded fringes. In bright pebbled calfskin, stamped leather or satin, pointed Western boots rise to mid-calf or knee-length featuring a double Cuban heel.
FENDI FW2018 Close-Up-29
FENDI FW2018 Close-Up-15
This Collection sees the debut of the Double F bag, a two-sided chain bag featuring ‘F’ corner frames on one side, and the round FENDI stamp on the other. A new unstructured Peekaboo X-Lite bag is defined by a soft construction and contrasting internal pocket popping in precious leather, pastel calfskin or iconic FF.
The Women’s Fall/Winter 2018-19 Collection includes the FENDI/FILA logo created by the artist @hey_reilly, re-appropriated by the House across ready-to-wear and accessories.

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