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7 Weird Jobs That Pays Well

by Natasha Christopher

“You are not meant to stay on this earth just to pay bills and die” 

Sometimes, you sit in your office job staring at the wall clock and wondering when will the shorthand of the clock will hit 5 pm and that would be your queue to leave work get to go back home. Some of you may be thinking “Is this all there is to it when it comes to life?” Getting a degree or masters may have helped you achieved you into landing to the world of working and paying bills and some just isn’t feeling fulfilled or satisfied towards the end.

Good news for some of your witty and out of the box people, here are some of the list of quirky and weird jobs you’ve probably never heard before. (All those working and not happy, think you should be grateful for your job now!)


  1. Odour Judge

What a pungent job to have recorded on your resume. Believe it or not, this job actually exists and they perform odour tests to rate the effectiveness of hygiene products like shampoos and soaps, deodorant, and body washes. Their job scope is pretty cringy, as they will need to smell subjects’ armpits, feet, or breathe and rate their odours on a scale of one to 10 (the highest). Think you got what it takes to smell your way to your bank account?

Salary: $19,000 to $52,000 a year

Image via tvm- the viral media

Image via tvm- the viral media

  1. Professional Mourner

First, we have a “smelling” job, and now we have a crying job? What? Professional mourners attend a funeral and grieve for the deceased and they get paid for it too! This profession dates back to Ancient Egypt, where two non- related mourners would attend funerals as representatives of the goddesses Isis and Nephthys. Then this profession came to the Orient in China for almost every funeral. They believe that their family members can save themselves the strain of mourning. Yes, sound crazy but this work is slowly getting its fame.

Salary:  $70 for two hours a day


  1. Professional Cuddler

This time it’s all about the senses of the touch. What is a boyfriend anyway when you can hire a professional cuddler to be by your side? Whether you’re into hugging, spooning or just holding hands, the point is to relax and not get too worked up about anything. This job strictly prohibits any sexual innuendos and does not discriminate on grounds of gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Salary: $80 an hour

Robert Samuel, Founder of SOLD Inc

Robert Samuel, Founder of SOLD Inc

  1. Professional line-stander

This job may sound weird but to me, it looks more like a marketing strategy to me. Of course, nobody got the patience to wait in line especially during big sales like Black Friday and any new products launches. Robert Samuel, founder of Same Ole Line Dudes (SOLD Inc) is a professional line sitter where he waits for anything. Samuel charges $25 for the first hour and $ 10 for each additional half hour. Who knew being patient is a fortune?

Salary: Approximately could go up to $1,000 a week depending on the hours.

  1. Dog Food Tasters

Well, if you are wondering, this is a job for human beings and not the dogs itself. Human dog food tasters are hired by pet food companies to test the quality of their products. However, they usually spit out the food once they taste it too. Well, the people who do this kind of job are happy that it will help pets to become happier and healthier. Just hope they don’t start barking or wag their imaginary tails everywhere.

Salary: $40,000 per year

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

6. Professional TV watcher

If you think you’re being taken for granted solely because you’re a potato couch and should be earning from that, then you should consider being a professional TV watcher. It’s a real job and it’s not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Pro TV watchers usually scan through different news clips and show to find a right clip that can be used on a television show or news program. For example, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” offered a sum of money per week to successful TV watcher applicants according to Investopedia.

Salary: $500-600 per week or $8 part-time
7. Professional Foreigners 

Some Chinese companies will pay men a week to attend real-estates events and pose as celebrities. Some even hire foreigners to wear a suit and shake hands with Chinese businessmen. It’s a belief in China that if foreigners (especially while Westerners) are hired at an event, their reputation would up another level. For decades, a Western-sounding name or being endorsed by a Caucasian model would be seen as a superior force to be reckoned with.

Salary: $145 each time

Feeling lucky with your job or perhaps missing out on these kinds of job that pays well but makes you do stuff that is out of your comfort zone? Let us know what you think!

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