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Discover Water-Based Adventures in Western Australia!

by Natasha Christopher

Australia is truly God’s wonderful creation. Western Australia which covers the entire western third of the country, is home to many stunning World Heritage sites, and extraordinary nature-based experiences for all types of travellers. Complemented with a sunny climate, Western Australia is graced with weather that provides the perfect environment for many outdoor adventures and water-based activities, that you can tick-off your bucket list.
Do you want a perfect beach holiday with your friends, family and loved ones? Well then, just pack your beach wear, shades, sunscreen, and head on over to Western Australia!

Experience Magical Moments With Dolphins 

Ever dream of watching or swimming with dolphins? You can now fulfil your dream as Western Australia ranks high as one of the world’s top destinations for memorable close encounters with these intelligent mammals.

Bunbury is well-known for the wild yet friendly dolphins that interact with people in Koombana Bay, South West region. Here, you can visit the Dolphin Discovery Centre as these gentle creatures visit the shores in front of the centre in the warmer months. To make it more exciting, you can go on a dolphin swim tour between November and April, or an eco-cruise to meet the dolphins. You can also check out the first-theatre- of-its-kind ‘Digital Dolphinarium’ in the centre.

Human interaction with a Monkey Mia bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)

Human interaction with a Monkey Mia bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)

At the turquoise Monkey Mia beach in the Coral Coast region, bottlenose dolphins visit the beautiful shores daily to interact with humans. You can enter the shallows and grab the opportunity to help hand-feed the dolphins under the supervision of park rangers; the feeding time usually occurs between 7.45am and 12 noon.

Discover The Wonder of Whale Watching 

Western Australia’s South West is one of the best places for you to experience spectacular moments of whale migrating the State’s coastline. To experience the longest whale watching season, plan your trip during the epic annual migration of whales between June and August, and September to December.
Whale watching near Busselton
Humpback and southern right whales are most common, with rare sightings of blue whales on the increase. These giant creatures often come close to the shore, making it easy for you to see them with binoculars or the naked eye from coastal vantage points. You can get even closer to the tail-slapping action on a whale watching cruise from Albany, Augusta, Busselton and Dunsborough.

See The Underwater World Through Scuba Diving & Snorkelling 

If you’re the adventure at heart when it comes to the underwater world, you can be close to marine creatures and be sure to experience scuba diving or snorkelling straight off the beach in Western Australia’s extensive stretch of coast.

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef

Regarded as one of the last great ocean paradises, Ningaloo Reef is Australia’s largest fringing reef system and a World Heritage site stretching 300 kilometres from Red Bluff running along the coast to the Muiron Islands in the north and Bundegi Beach in the east of the Exmouth Gulf. You can dive or snorkel in clear turquoise waters and immerse yourself in marine life encounters here just a short walk or swim from the shore. Some of the key activities here are to dive on the world’s top shore dive sites – Navy Pier, snorkel thousand-year-old cabbage coral formations at Turquoise Bay, and snorkel in the coral filled lagoon at Red Bluff.

In the South West region, the marine environment in this area is unique as the mixing of both warm and cool water currents of the Indian and Southern oceans meet at Cape Leeuwin, creating a staggering array of marine species of fishes and coral species rarely found anywhere else in the world. What’s more exciting is that you can even do an undersea walking tour in the summer, with no diving experience required.

Relax On White Sandy Beaches

With 12,500 kilometres of stunning and unspoilt coastline, it’s no wonder that Western Australian beaches are regularly voted among the best in the world. There’s just something about the coastline that gets our travel senses tingling. If you do not have a seaside outing planned for your upcoming holiday, Western Australian beaches will soon have you reaching for your sunhat and shades.

Go for a swim, surf and snorkel at one of Perth’s 19 pristine white sandy beaches in Perth, and take
in the beauty of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. Cottesloe Beach is one of Perth’s most photographed and most famous beaches due to its sloping grassy banks and huge Norfolk pines. Up further north, you will find Scarborough, which is an excellent swimming and surfing beach. If you are a serious surfer, go a little further north to Trigg Beach, where you can experience Perth’s most consistent surf break.
Explore Australia’s whitest beach – Lucky Bay (Golden Outback region), where its squeaky-clean sand, turquoise water, perfect swimming conditions and breathtaking views of the Recherche Archipelago will make you remember this wonderful beach holiday for the rest of your life.

If you’re in the South West, head over to Koombana Bay in Bunbury, it is easily accessible and a good place for dolphin spotting. Take in the spectacle of Geographe Bay in Busselton, where you can enjoy a picnic at the beach or sipping a latte while immersing yourself in the stunning coastline view at one of the many cafes located at the bay.
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