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Woman Divorces Her Husband Because of a Shawarma Sandwich

by Natasha Christopher

It’s a wrap for a married couple in Egpyt after the 32- year old husband, a teacher,  refused to buy his wife a sharwarma sandwich on the first and only outing as a married couple. They were married for only 40 days of marriage on grounds.

The young wife known only as Sameeha, said that she knows him for only two months before tying the knot and couldn’t realise how frugal his lifestyle was. His stingy was obvious right after their traditional wedding when the husband named Ahmed view about going out is just a waste of money. She didn’t pay much attention to his words until it showed through his actions. The shawarma incident was the last straw for her.


Sameeha told the Family Court judge presiding over the divorce case that despite having a good job and tutoring students in his free time, Ahmed became stingy with his money and how he spends it.

The young woman told her family about her husband’s stinginess and the family advised her to take it easy and to be patient.

“My husband is too stingy to speak; when I ask him to talk to me, I end up talking to myself most of the time,

Boy, were they wrong.
One day, Sameeha begged Ahmed to take her out for a drink as she could get some fresh air and he reluctantly agreed. But when she asked for a shawarma sandwich, he flat out refused and in his defence, it was they only agreed to go for a drink and not food.

“When my husband refused to buy me the shawarma sandwich, I was angry, and he continued to blame me while we were in the car, calling me a hypocrite and saying that going out had been a mistake.”

She then returned to her parents and filed for divorce.

Story via Oddity Central. 



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