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Superfood Juicy D

by Natasha Christopher

Find out how one innovative dessert, in the form of Juicy D, is helping make dessert healthy again.

Sleek, and stylish is the first thing that comes to mind when you look upon Juicy D. The packaging itself looks uniquely simple in its own way and it feels like you’ve purchased a product of luxury. Juicy D is a belly reducing dessert that might be a great alternative for the sweet tooth aficionados everywhere.
Known as the superfood pudding, it is a nature handpicked peach jelly-like made for body cleaning, metabolism boost, detox, improve and regulate gastrointestinal functions and promote cell metabolism. It comes with a small little pudding wrap up, it is easy to peel off. Upon first look, you’ll see a brown jelly with chia seeds in it. In this pudding alone contains aqua, konjac powder, fructose, peach juice powder, and milk thistle extract.
The peach pudding comes with Vitamin C and iron which are vital for good skin. The Vitamin C helps to strengthen active skin tissues and regenerate skin collagen while increasing quantity of haemoglobins which helps. Peach is also rich in alkali content and fibre which helps boost the cleansing of body toxins.

Besides that, once consumed, don’t be surprised if you’ll be running to the toilet soon as the effect comes in shortly after. Overall, this healthy dessert could be the way for you to lose weight while satisfying your cravings. You’ll be looking at a healthier you in the near future!


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