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Netflix Brings Back “Lost In Space”

by Nicolas See Tho

As Netflix continues to improve upon its roster of original series creations, another space adventure series is coming to our beloved streaming channel and it is Lost In Space, which is a modern reboot of a long lost Tv series which was first televised back in 1965 and had been readapted recently in 2004.

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The original conception had more humour to it, while the modern remake will be adding in more drama

Lost in Space is a story about how one family who are uniquely trained to travel space in order to find a planet to expand the human colony after Earth has undergone a change for the worse. The family sent to space are called the Robinsons, and they have to face the harshness of space while dealing with a strange anomaly that sends them to a lost planet.

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The modern reboot will bring in all the sleek new designs and sci-fi glamour befitting the future

The series is scheduled to be released on April 13, 2018, and will feature a whole new cast depicting the Robinsons, such as:

  • Toby Stephens as John Robinson, the expedition commander.
  • Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson, a fearless and brilliant aerospace engineer who makes the decision to bring her family to space for a chance at a new life on a better world.
  • Ignacio Serricchio as Don West, a roughneck smuggling luxury goods on the side who finds in the Robinsons the family he never thought he would find.
  • Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson, John and Maureen’s eldest child.
  • Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson, one of the Robinson children.
  • Maxwell Jenkins as Will Robinson, the youngest Robinson child.
  • Parker Posey as Dr. Smith

The season will run for 10 episodes and it is produced by Legendary Pictures.

This will be one of the many new Netflix original content creations that Netflix will be bringing in under their USD 8 billion funding for 2018. So bookmark this series and don’t miss the premiere.

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